The death squads.

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The death squads were right-wing paramilitary groups, comprised of military, police, uniformed and civilian, executed actions against political opponents or suspected opponents of the government andpolitical system in El Salvador during the civil war El Salvador. 
Investigations into the activities of death squads suggest that these underground structures began as appendages of the intelligenceservices of the security forces and the armed forces. The late Major Roberto D'Aubuisson, founder of the ARENA political party, was charged with leading the activities of these groups from his postas director of ANSESAL (Salvadoran National Security Agency).The activities of these groups began in the late-1970s and his action became general during the civil war in this Central American countryin the late 1980s and early 1990s (1980-1991), when the conflict ended a military peace agreements. 
The application of the clandestine groups, presumably away from the government and state militaryforces, not to take any responsibility for his actions, was developed from the U.S. strategy to defeat the social movement that was the basis of the guerrilla struggle in that period. 
Each militaryunit of the army and police under his charge at least a squad that took information from military agencies and executed acts of murder, kidnapping, extortion, threats and all sorts of crimes againstpersons registered as guerrilla suspects support the fight against the government or simply denounced as such by third parties interested in causing damage. 
Eventually every military commanderauthorizing the existence of other death squads in their jurisdiction, in charge of economic power that civil fully assumed its operation and existence, always in coordination with military forces fromterritory under control. 
These groups "working day and sleeping at night," moving into their territory without further interference from the military or police units guarding the field, they were...
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