Death of the salesman

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Dreams in “Death of a Salesman”

Through Author Miller’s play, Death of a salesman, there were characters that were portrayed with interesting personality because of dreams revolving in the play. The play was supposed to be in the 1940s of America where there was filled with success and prosperous. The idea of the American Dream is that, through a combination of hard work, strength anddetermination, prosperity can be achieved. Some say that the American Dream is misleading because it is impossible for everyone to become successful America through hard work and determination. As some people fails to prosper they blame entirely themselves. As consequence the poor was being seen as laziness, even though they tried their best to achieve the dream the main theme of this play is the AmericanDream and it will be explored and conveyed.

In the play, Death of a salesman strongly explored the depths of American dream within the characters. The main character of the play was Willy Loman, he believed that American dream is obtained through personality and charm and the answer to success and prosperity. “Because the man who makes an appearance in the business world, the man who createspersonal interest, is the man who gets ahead” and “Its not what you say, it’s how you say it- because personality always wins the day.” These quotes was spoken from Willy, this means that he strongly believes that personality would be able to bring success. America supposed to be the dream country where everyone would loved to be in, and yet Biff is stuck in the country where there are full ofopportunity to prosper. “I tell ya, I don’t know what the future is. I don’t know what I suppose to want.” This quote suggests that regardless of Biff extreme popularity when he was young; he became an unsuccessful and indecisive man who could not live a normal life. This has also betrayed Willy’s impression of American dream.

The American dream had given a bad impression towards Willy Loman. Hislife was all about work, he spend his life in the road where he sold products. He was confident and an extremely good sales man, however as time passes he was withered away because of exhaustion and frustration from the company. He always thinks that money was the most important role to the money. The American dream had made Willy an ignorant and derisive man. Willy fails to achieve his dream, hisclaim to become successful and have a business bigger than Charlie shows Willy’s failure to reach his goals. Willy also fails to see that Biff was stealing and failing his math because of the American dream where Willy thinks that personality solves all the problems and leads to success in life, many people tried to warn Willy about Biff, still he denies that he was stealing and he will become asuccessful man.

Author Miller had made an interesting twist in the play. Biff, who was popular and charming yet did not succeed later in life, however Happy had an average childhood and was not favoured by Willy and he prospered and “achieved” the American dream, Happy had everything that would make a man hoped for. He succeeded to achieve what people believe to the American dream; however hefeels different, “My own apartment, a car and plenty of women. And still Goddammit, I’m lonely. This quote suggest that Happy is not satisfied and uncertain about his ambitions. He followed what Willy wanted him to be and yet he doesn’t feel right about it. Willy and Happy needed love and care from their family. Willy continues to work blindly with frustration and pressure and Happy succeeded the“American Dream” but he feels the lack of something. Both of them were lacking the same thing. Love and care from their family.Tthe twisted dreams had misguided them into the place of frustration and pressure suffusing them.

Willy had an older brother called Ben, Ben symbolises “success” in Willy’s day dream. Ben’s dream is to start with hope, dignity and with nothing “William, when I walked...
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