The Facility Of Obtaining Weapons In Usa

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Facility of obtaining weapons in USA
The constitution of the USA, specifically its second amendment, provides to the citizens the right to have weapon, says: "A well regulated militia beingnecessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." ("Siendo una milicia bien preparada necesaria para la seguridad de un estado libre, elderecho del Pueblo a tener y portar armas no será vulnerado") , which added to the war into the cinematographic history where” the good guys” carries a weapon and show an excessive violence, they areundoubtedly triggers of the same one.
There exists an association called NRA, which supports the possession responsible for the weapon, and in addition the use of these as way of defence.
At thisswindles there were approximately 44 million gun owners in the United States. This means that 25 percent of all adults, and 40 percent of American households, owned at least one firearm. These ownerspossessed 192 million firearms, of which 65 million were handguns.
Is there any restriction to buy weapons?
Some states or sale centres put some limitations as: have more than 18 or 21 years old, mentalhealth and not have criminal history, but all that is damaged for "straw purchases" (acquiring an article or service for someone who is, for whatever reason, unable to purchase the article or servicethemselves) or secondary market.
Another country holder of a great quantity of weapon is Canada, but in contrast to USA it doesn’t exist a marked criminality, which apparently is due to the constantsense of fear that Americans have, on the other hand USA is the country with higher number of student massacres, and has the record having the smallest homicidal , a 6-year-old child who killed hisclassmate with a handgun.

La constitución de los EEUU , específicamente la 2da enmienda proporciona a los ciudadanos el derecho a tener armas, derecho que sumado a su historial belico al...
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