Influence Of Usa In Estonia

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The United States of America, a land of dreams for many people. A multicultural country where different human races live together.

In general,outside the country, the culture of America is most widely perceived as something rather obtrusive, profit-focused, somewhat cheap (to be easy to sell), loud and, on the other hand, quitebusiness-oriented. Americans are regarded to be a bit egotistic, self-centered, child-mannered and a bit naive on personal level, but smart and capable as business-people.

It is difficult to notice whichinfluence exerts a country in another one without being an inhabitant of the influenced country. This is my case, I am Erasmus exchange student and I have been living in Estonia since the last two months.Each culture has its own roots, but I think it could not be shown all its magnificence without seeing the influence that other cultures exert in it.

First of all I can say that America,politically, has influence in the rest of the world. Each event that affects to the United States of America, it does to the rest of the world.

Before doing this essay I had never thought how USA couldinfluence this Baltic country. Since being asked to write about it, I have spent time observing how Estonians behave. After asking to some Estonian friends I have reached a conclusion: USA is a land ofdreams for many Estonians. Some of them would like to emigrate temporally after finishing their degrees.

For some of my friends, life in USA can be defined as “easy life”. For Europeans is easy tofind a job (it is also necessary a visa, which is not easy to get), but Americans know that Estonian people are hard workers and they also appreciate their educational system. On the other hand,Estonian people admire the mentality of “nothing is impossible” that personally I have been able to find in Estonia.

However, America is also a land of weirdoes or unsophisticated for other Estonians,...
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