The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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NARRATOR: This is story of the Ushers, they were ROderick Usher and his sister. It was late autumn. The weather was wet and the wind had blown all the leaves from the trees. Winthrop rode his horse across the wet, empty land. He traveled alone. He went to a dark and strange house- the house of Usher.

A larger lake of black water surrounded the house. He feltcold and little afraid.

SERVANT 1: Good evening Mr. Winthrop. Mr. Usher has been waiting for you. Please, follow me.

(They go to the Roderick’s room)

RODERICK: Welcome, my oldest and dearest friend!

MR. winthropHi! Nice to see you again!

(Roderick did not shake Man’s hand or come near him)

RODERICK: Please Excuse me, I don’t wish to be rude. But I’m ill. I can’t touch anotherman’s hand.

MR. winthropOh, I’m sorry.

RODERICK: Please sit down. Rest a moment. A servant will take you to your room very soon. I’m glad that you have come.

MR. SMITH: Do you live alone?

RODERICK: My sister lives with me, but she is sick

(The sister walks into the room)

RODERICK: Madeline… Madeline … this is my old friend…

(Madeline does not reply. She crosses the room slowly. Thenshe turns and go through a doorway.)

(Roderick put his hands over his face)

RODERICK: My sister has a strange illness. She is neither awake nor asleep. I fear that she’ll not live long”

MR. SMITH: You need to be strong. She’ll be fine. I’m sure.

RODERICK: Thanks for you support.

MR SMITH: Don't worry. She'll be better.

(Servant 2 appears)

SERVANT 2: Good evening, Mr.winthrop. His room is ready. Please follow me. I’ll take your suitcase

(Servant 2 takes man to his room and the man lay on the bed and rested for an hour before dinner)


(Roderick and Mr. Smith having dinner)

RODERICK: So, tell me, How are you? You haven’t told me anything about you.

MR. winthrop: Well, I worked, but I got fired. Now I'm looking for a new job. I hope to find it soon.He felt more comfortable at dinner. He looked happier. I forgot about his sister and strange old house.


NARRATOR: Roderick Usher looked after winthrop  for several days. They ate and drank and talked. They read books in the library. He painted pictures. Roderick played the guitar.

(Servant 1 appears with coffee)

SERVANT 2: Here is your coffee, Mr. Usher and Mr. WinthropMR.winthrop: Thanks.

SERVANT 2: Be careful. The coffee is hot.

MR. winthrop: Ready for lunch?

SERVANT 2: Yes, sir. Please go to the dining room. I prepared something special

(Roderick goes to the Madeline’s room)

RODERICK: Madeline, It’s time to have lunch.

(Madeline do not ask)

RODERICK: Madeline.. Madeline!! NO.. No.. NOOOO

(Roderick goes to Mr. Smith)

RODERICK: Madeline isdead! She’s dead!!!

MR. winthrop (shocked): I’m so sorry; I don’t know what to say.

RODERICK: I need your help. She was going to die. I knew this. But she mustn’t be buried near a church. She’ll lie in this house. I’ll keep her body in a room under the house. Will you help me?

MR winthrop: sure

 My friend’s words frightened me. But I did not ask any questions. I do not why.

(Theycarried Madeline’s body down many steps to a room under the house. There were soft, gray spiders’ webs hanging from the ceiling. They gave little light)

(A wooden coffin was in the center of the room. The man helped Roderick to put Roderick’s sister’s body in the coffin)

NARRATOR: Madeline was not breathing and her heart was not beating. But Madeline’s body was not cold. Then he knew and he  wasafraid! She was dead, but she was not dead!

(Roderick fastened the lid on the coffin. Then Roderick led the man out of the room)

RODERICK: No one will ever come here again. Madeline is resting now. No one will wake her.

NARRATOR: Roderick Usher never rested. He did not sleep.

I, too, could not sleep. I lay on my bed and thought about the strange House of Usher.

(Roderick goes...
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