The first indus civilization

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The first indu civilization live in the India subcontinent that their physical setting were Himalayas, a lot of mountains and a very variable climate because of monsoons andhigh temperatures that regulate the climate of the region.
In about 2500 B.C. several hundred years after Egypt and Sumer developed civilizations. Mohenjo Daro and Harappa ,provide us with the best evidence we have of this early Indus Valley civilization, because they have a lot of things that were discover by the archeologist that in that regionwere to very similate civilizations that live there that were the Monhenjo Daro and Harappan civilization.
This civilization shows a evidence of impressive architecture ofplanning the city and design. Wide Street, water system, bricks, bathrooms. Each of these cities has a citadel that was a strong central fortress. The Harappan civilization wasmostly farmers and they kept enough to feed the entire population.
The Indus river valley were a good place for farmland because it surround this 2 cities and it provides for allthe people there cattle, sheep, pigs, and goats and they cultivates crops including cotton wheat and rice. Most of this people work primarily in industry or trade.
These twocivilizations have a little bit of religion because in that time they don’t believe in a supreme creature they don’t think like us, they have like sacred trees, along withhorned deties, are depicted in many seals or tablets.
For a conclusion they two civilizations where more intelligent than others because they raise vegetables and also have animalsfor eat and they have a good architecture that help them in a lot of ways because they were some of the first who used bricks and they also influence to the modern world.
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