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The Full Monty
Wendy Holden Based on the screenplay by Simon Beaufoy
a bridge using the two girders as walkways supported by an old car in the middle of the canal. The plan, like all of Gaz’s plans, goes wrong and Dave ends up falling into the canal. On their way back home they see a sign outside a working man’sclub advertising the Chippendales, a group of attractive male strippers. Dave’s wife, Jean, is in the audience and Gaz decides to get her out. He and Nathan enter the club through the toilet window, and see the Chippendales dancing on stage. Then, Jean and her two friends come into the men’s toilet and Gaz hears them talking about a possible boyfriend Jean has at work. The next day the men are in aJob Club. They are all depressed because there is no work. Gaz has an argument with his ex-boss, Gerald Cooper, about the hopelessness of their situation. Then, Gaz begins to calculate how much money the Chippendale’s must have earned and an idea comes into his head. Chapters 3–4: Gaz’s wife, Mandy, lives with her rich boyfriend, Barry, and Nathan stays with them most of the time. Gaz is allowedto see Nathan, but only if he pays Mandy some money every month. He now owes her 700 pounds. The only way he thinks he can get the money is to dance like the Chippendales. While Gaz and Dave are out running, Dave talks to Lomper, an old colleague, who is sitting in his car trying to kill himself with petrol fumes. He saves his life. Later that night, Gaz practises a dance routine in front ofLomper, Dave and Nathan. Nathan is embarrassed by his father and walks off. Gaz finds him and tells him he loves him and is doing the dance thing to get money to pay Mandy. The next day, the men see Gerald Cooper at a dance class and notice he is a very good dancer. They also meet Gerald’s wife, Linda, who they realise doesn’t know that Gerald is out of work. They try to persuade Gerald to teach themto dance but he refuses. Gerald has a job interview but half-way through it he sees some of his garden gnomes through the window and begins to act strangely. He is very angry with the men because their trick means he will probably not get the job. They see Gerald later and apologise, and he agrees to teach them to dance. Chapters 5–6: The group decides to audition for some additional dancers in aroom in the steel factory. The first man, Horse, is a very good dancer, and gets a job. The second man, Guy, although he can’t dance, also gets a job because he is good-looking. The group watches a video of the film Flashdance, which Dave has stolen from a supermarket. Dave tells Gaz that he is thinking of taking
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About the film
The film, starring RobertCarlyle and directed by Peter Cattaneo, was released in 1997. It was shot in the northern English city of Sheffield and featured actors who were not very well known outside of the United Kingdom. With a production cost of only $3.5 million, it went on to earn a staggering $257 million worldwide. It was nominated for four Oscars but won only one, Best Original Music Score, mainly due to it beingnominated in the same year as Titanic, which picked up fourteen. The film’s title sparked an interest in the origin of this strange English phrase, which is still debatable today.

The Full Monty tells the story of six men and their lives in the recession hit north of England in the 1980s. The central character, Gaz, is desperate to get some money to pay his estranged wife, Mandy, so thathe can continue seeing his son, Nathan. After seeing a performance of an attractive male stripper group in his local club, he decides on a plan to turn his friends into a stripper group with a difference: they will take all their clothes off. Reluctance on the part of his friends gradually turns to enthusiasm as they realise the experience of practising their dance routines improves their...
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