The gentlemen of the jungle

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The Gentlemen of the Jungle

The story is closely related to Kenya’s Independence. Jomo Kenyatta chose a fable to express his message. He used the story to reflect theIndependence of Kenya. The animals represent the British, who had all the power. The man represents Kenya’s population.

According to Noelia Magnano, The British arrived at Kenya in 1888and they made Kenya their colony, it was a situation that lasted until 1963 when the country declared its independence from the United Kingdom. They do not care about Kenya’spopulation; they just wanted to have all the power.

At first, they arrived to Kenya apparently without any interest; they looked like friendly people. But they really studied thepossibilities of colonizing Kenya’s territory. When Kenya’s population just was helping them, they give British land and other stuff to their “disinterested” activities. This is noticed in thestory when the narrator said: "Once upon a time an elephant made a friendship with a man. One day …, the elephant went to his friend … and said: "My dear good man, will you please letme put my trunk inside your hut to keep it out of this torrential rain?”

“…The lion, who wanted to have “peace and tranquility” …, saying: “I command my ministers to appoint aCommission of Enquiry to go thoroughly into this matter and report accordingly… I am sure that you will be pleased with the findings of the Commission.” These verses are connected withthe fact that British created the East Africa Protectorate taking power over Kenya population.

Finally, Kenya decided to fight for their rights and their lands. Accompanied bytheir leader, they got their independence in 1963. The last verses show it “Then he went home, saying: “Peace is costly, but it’s worth the expense,” and lived happily ever after”.
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