The god of small things

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A travel in the time
From the beginning the book takes then reader to a travel in the time, in a moment you are in a place and yousee how was the twins’ childhood, and in another time you are in a funeral. Why that does happens? I asked myself, but latter Iunderstood it. This is because Arundhati explains with a lot of details the life of the characters, maybe someone could think that it is alot of information and unnecessary but with all the information the story becomes very interesting.
The story of the family isinteresting, is like a tutti-frutti family because there are a lot of different personalities, from the strange ones to the stupid ones.But this mix gives the story a special flavor, so special that makes you enjoy the reading.
There is also a mix of places that canconfuse the reader, because the names of cities on India are strange that I didn’t hear on my life. But this is a perfect manage oftime and places that evolves you, and it has a perfect end that shows you that everything has a why. Also the reader can analyze thelife, traditions and family in India that is very different to everything that we usually see or know.
I would recommend this bookbecause it is perfect, although is a little bit confusing at the beginning but in the end is so good that you don’t want to finish it.
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