The golden carrot puertorican version

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The Golden Carrot

Once upon a time there was a man who had three children. One of the three children was called Dummy-Juan Bobo he was a guy that everyone makes fun of him; healways was crying or sad. They were a poor family; the children always spent time cutting trees in the Yunque. One day the mother gave food, some “bacalaitos” and a “ron ca~a“to theeldest son. The mother sends them to the forest to get some woods. The son walked and saw a poor man that was asking for food the son he got hurt because he treated him badly. Then theother brother went to do the same thing and the mother gave him the same food, the child saw the poor man, the poor man asked himself for food and the guy threaten him badly then hegets hurt by a rock. The man did that. The other brother le suplico his father to let him good to the Yunque. The father let him go.
When Juan Bobo went to the Yunque he saw a poorman, the poor man was asking for food, the dummy gave food, and together they eat. The poor man told him that he had a gift on a tree for him, because he was a good guy with him. ThenJuan Bobo cut the tree and found a carrot with the wings of gold. Then surprised he went to the town and saw the Major with his one daughter. The Major says that the one man that canmake her daughter smile will be honored to marry his daughter. Juan Bobo makes the girl smile and he put all his effort to marry her. First he had to bring a man that can drink all thewine, a man that can eat all the “alcapurrias” that he can, and bring a jet ski to the Major, a jet ski that can sail on land and in water. The Dummy Juan Bobo does it. Then Juan Bobomarry the Major’s daughter and late when the Major die, he was in charge. And they live together, forever and ever. The End.

The Golden Carrot

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