The history of scotland

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(modern Wales and England, which formed the province of Britanni In total, the occupation of these areas of Scotland by the Romans lasted no more than 40 years, although the Latin influence in the most southern part, especially among the tribes of Brittany , was more durable.
Scotland is the northernmost of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom Along with Englan dand Wales, is partof the island of Great Britain Bounded on the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean on the east by the North Sea, south ofEngland and the southwest by the North Channel and Irish Sea The capital is Edinburgh , with Glasgow's largest city and metropolitan area which concentrates 40% of the total Scottish population.The languages spoken today or in the past in Scotland are divided into two families:Celtic languages and Germanic languages, Scotland takes its name "Scotus," the term Latino, which means "Ireland" (the plural form is "Scoti", "Irish"). 1 This refers to the colonistsGaels of Ireland, a country that the Romans initially called "Scotia" (feminine form of "Scotus"). 2 The Irish who settled the current Scotland were known as "Scoti"
The flag of Scotland and"The Saltire"consistsof a blade or St. Andrew's crosson a blue background white emblem also joined the Union Flag orUnion Jack

Scotland's climate is temperate and oceanic, and tends to be very variable.
Since there is no official anthem, the dispute remains open, especially after the decentralization of power from 1998, and there are other songs candidate, as Scots Wha Hae,A Man's A Man for a'Thator, morerecently,I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
The music has an important place in Scottish culture,The most remarkable traditional Scottish instrument is the bagpipes, including Highland bagpipes, a wind instrument consisting of one or more sound tubes fed by a reservoir of air in a bag.

The clarsach or Celtic harp , the violin and accordion are also traditional Scottish instruments, especially thelast two, which are part of a typical band for traditional Scottish dances. 

. Church is a Protestant and Calvinist with a system of organizing a Presbyterian , and enjoy the independence of the state. church operates with a structure of parishes local, so that each community has its own Scottish congregation Scotland also has a large population Catholic, especially in thewest.

The Scottish education system has always been different from the rest of the United Kingdom , with characteristic emphasis on general education. 65 Scotland was, after Sparta , first in designing a system of public education generally. 66 became mandatory schooling first with the Education Act 1496 , and in 1561 , the Church of Scotland designed a program for spiritual reform,including the creation of a school in every parish. Education remained a matter over which the State Church to the Education Act 1872 . 67
All children from 3 to 4 years in Scotland have the right care free, with a "curriculum framework for children 3-5 years.

The sport also plays an important role in Scottish culture, as the country holds its own national championships invarious sports varieties, in addition to independent representation of the rest of the UK at events like World Cup, the Rugby World or Commonwealth Games (although not in the Olympic Games, in which the UK participates as a single computer).In addition, Scotland has its own sporting bodies such as the Scottish Football Association(the national association football second oldest in the world) orthe Scottish  Other distinctive features of Scottish sport are the Highland Games or " Highland games "as well as some Celtic sports like curling or shinty.

Gastronomy and typical products
The Scottish cuisine shares many of the characteristics of English cuisine , but with some features and foods themselves, resulting at times in its history and foreign influences. In general, Scottish...
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