The influence of the capitalism in the education

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Nowaday, our students are inserted in the capitalist system thus education function as a tool of ideological indoctrination and also it hasto promote individulism and competition in order to prepare students to fit in the world market.First, indoctrination tend to train people to accept a particular set of beliefs and not to consider anyother. In this view, education functions as a producer of students with ideas ans attitudes towards the social and economics interest of capitalist society.The intention is to manipulate and influencepupils to concentrate on certain courses of studies which give the tool for acquire a good jod and also the opportunity to survive in the capitalist has to teach students how tothink rather than telling what to think.The purpose of education is to bring about physical, mental and social development of an individual because it helps to lay the foundation for the fulfillment of aperson’s dreams and aspirations which are the result of their own decisions. Thus students must become critical thinkers, individuals who seek and are motevited by rational justifications and reasonsas they develop their beliefs and plan their actions. However , education is believed to be responsible for the cultivation of a civilized society since impartining education to the citizens enablesthe development of a reasonable and thoughful society which purpose is to bring about progress in practical fiels to enableseach educated individual to earn a living.So education of the variouspractical fields make productive human resources ,who can contribute to the creation of wealth for a country.I believed that every education system makes use of indoctrination.Children are indoctrinatedwith the multiplication table and also with love of country and nobody finds fault with it in these field.On the other hand, it is counterproductive since it does not transform individuals by...
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