The legacy

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The Legacy
In some books women are portrayed in different ways; for example, ignorant, shy and without opinion. The Legacy by Virginia Woolf written in … is a book that portrays women inferior tomen. The book is about that a woman who commits suicide because she is love to another man, and she wants to escape from her marriage, so she does not have the courage to tell the truth to her husband.This essay will analyze every woman that appears in the story; their personalities, stories and occupations.
There are only two women in the story, and Gilbert Clandon sees them inferior to men.For example, Angela is Clandon’s wife, and she is portrayed as an ignorant woman. When Angela and Gilbert went to others countries; Angela learnt a lot about history and culture, and she always saidthe she was very ignorant. Angela was worried about people´s opinion; therefore, she did not want to make a bad impression between important people such as politicians. On the other hand, there wasSissie Miller; she was Angela’s secretary. Gilbert thought “she was scarcely distinguishable from any other woman of her kind” (The Legacy, page 2). We can notice that Gilbert saw her as a quiet, shy andcommon woman, and Clandon said that because she did not speak very much and also he can realize that in the clothes that she wears very formal which represents his profession. The two women in thestory did not have important professions, Angela an ignorant and Sissie Miller only a secretary, but a difference of Gilbert that was an important politician.
Another point that reflect woman do nothave importance in the story is the Gilbert’s marriage. At the beginning, Angela was very proud of Gilbert; she was worried about with his career and what happened with it, so Angela helped him a lotwith writing letters and also companying in meetings and parties. Sadly, Gilbert was always the center in the marriage, and Angela was behind all the time. Angela did everything for her husband and...
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