The Man Who Used To Move Drawings

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November 7th 2011
The man who used to move drawings
“All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them”. (Walter Elias Disney), better known as Walt Disney. Did you know that he is considered one of the most important people? Well, by citing 3different sources and by presenting some information about what the people think about him, the purpose of this paper is to state the reasons about why Walt Disney is considered one of the most influential men in the entire world.
Christopher Finch, An England writer and art critic with studies at the Chelsea Art School in London, wrote a book named The art of Walt Disney : from Mickey Mouse tothe Magic King, in which he wrote how was the life as a child for Walt Disney while mentioning one of the most important details about Walt Disney´s life, the fact that he never gave up on pursuing his dreams. Finch mentioned that even death, Disney’s brand continues as strong as it was, or even more “Some people believed that with the death of Disney, the studios were going to collapse, butagainst all odds they kept working and the Disney’s brand stills alive” (Finch). He says that if one wants to see how Disney has influence in life, just need to look around. So… if people continue thinking that Walt Disney was just another crazy man with luck. They are the crazy ones, because what Disney do was fight to get what he wanted.
Neal Gabler, Senior Fellow at the USC Annenberg Norman LearCenter, is an author, cultural historian and film critic who wrote a book called , Walt Disney: The Triumph of American Imagination In which he analyzes the legacy that Disney left after he died, he says that what Disney left behind is not only a bunch of productions but an idea. He also says that by doing some interviews he discovered that even Disney

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saw he was having that amount ofsuccess he never felt like a god in human world, and to prove that
Disney built Disneyland. At Disneyland, the amusement parks built by Walt, one can fell that he left his heart on it with the hope that someday people may go and see with their own eyes the enthusiasm that he used to give on his work. “He was a man of enormous self confidence and we may hear a little bit about that this afternoon,but at any given point in his life he was not sure that he was going to be successful. He was hoping, but he did not know…” (Gabler). That is why Disney not only left physical testimonies; he also left a way of living and working.
By analyzing both authors one can see that, they defend the posture that says that Walt Disney is one of the most influential men in the world. After reading this, onemay think that is true that Disney did not leave only his productions, movies, and that stuff… he also left a way of working and living… With the heart
But…people around the world, what they think about him? His work is well received by everyone? To clarify this, The Atlantic Magazine asked 10 historians. Who are the most influential figures in American history? And Walt Disney appeared in theplace number #29, describing him as “The quintessential entertainer-entrepreneur, he wielded unmatched influence over our childhood.” (Atlantic Magazine) He had a great impact in child by touching their hearts with amazing stories and characters. And a great impact because Atlantic magazine along with Finch and Gabler, describes him as a person with an enviable living style. Those are the reasons whyWalt Disney is not only considered a very influential man, he is considered even more influential than Elvis Presley and Bill Gates according to the survey realized by Atlantic Magazine.
Neal Gabler, join a panel to discuss this topic and everyone agreed that the most important part of Walt Disney was his kindness that is why a lot of people wanted to work with him at his studios, not only...
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