The mysterious box

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The Mysterious Box

By Michael Buenrostro

Once upon a time there was fisherman named Jack Smith. He was tall, skinny, had brown eyes deep inside his bonny skull head, he was wearing a brown coat, blue jeans, and a big pair of black water proof boots. One morning he decided to go to the lake that was about ten miles away from his home. It was early in the morning to catch some freshfish and also because if he gets to the lake late, there would be other fisherman fishing and taking the fishes that could be his if he gets there first! So he set off in his big, black Silverado Truck and went to the lake like hell.

He drove at 110 miles per hour to get there as fast as possible and he just had to follow the road straight ahead to get to the lake. There was no traffic, soJack was surely in luck this morning. The sight of the road was dark and foggy. Instantly that second Jack saw some little ducks crossing the road. Jack accelerated and smashed the little ducks. Jack, with a big evil smile in his bonny old face, said, “Dumb ducks always causing auto accidents thank god I killed all of you so you little creeps won’t cause any more trouble. Oh look at me I’m alittle cute duck crossing the street. Bah! To hell with all of you s***** little b*******”

Then, later that day, while he was driving, Jack saw a very hot chick trying to repair her car. Jack, of course, had to stop to help this chick because maybe she was all by her self and don’t you think bad of Jack because of it, he just wanted to help her with her car. When Jack stopped he went to thegirl and said “Anything I could do to help you little missy, all stuck in the middle of nowhere” The hot chick was wearing a super mini pink skirt and a black blouse. She didn’t turn to see Jack but said “Well you could sure help me on two things handsome man” Then Jack said swallowing his saliva, “Of course I can, anything you want just say it and I’ll do it” Then the girl turned to see Jack withpleasure and said “Then come here papirrin, I got some good stuff here just for you.” Jack was in shock because when the girl turned to see him he saw that it wasn’t a chick it was a man a man dress like a girl. Then Jack said disgusted, “I think I got to go now, I forgot I had something very important to do, so maybe you would like to call a mechanic or something ok, bye.” Then the man dressedlike a girl said, “Ok that’s too bad, you would have had so much fun right here with me all alone in the middle of nowhere in this dark night” Then Jack said angrily, “No thanks but I’d rather die than being with another man ok so excuse me but I got some business to do have a good day sir, madam, what ever you are” Then the strange person said, “Ok then go s***** jerk. I don’t need you or yourhelp. ” Jack got into his car and accelerated throwing the strange guy a pile of mud all over him and his car.

When Jack finally got to the lake he was happy to see that there were no signs of other men fishing. Because if there were at least one fisherman fishing he would go back and kick the a** of that weird dude back there because of him he was late. But there was still a little problemthat not even Jack could do anything about it, he got to the lake so early that there was still not enough sunlight to get into the lake and it was still a bit foggy. Jack was pissed off and said “God dam it I, didn’t realize how dark it was going to be if I came here so early. Now what am I going to do, ‘Jesus Christ’”

It was very dark and if Jack got into the lake he wouldn’t be able tosee anything because it was so dam dark and foggy. So he decided to walk around the shore until the place got a bit more visible. Jack found a frog, he grabbed it and started squishing it while saying “wereg, wereg, that’s all you dumb frogs can say, hey maybe if I kissed you, you would become a super hot princes huh” The frog was looking at jack like hell, no stay away from me, let me go you...
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