The new ando old role of women

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The woman from the beginning of humanity has had a lot of obstacles to accomplish their mother’s life and be able to participate in our society. This is one ofthe most serious problems in our society because women previously not had the same opportunities as now. Before women were considered incapable of doing things and they did not have the same rightsfor this reason men treated them badly.
Long time ago women were dedicated to take care of their babies, fix and clean their house and make crafts before women had the same rights as children she wasconsidered incapable, in 1783 women are considered machine because tools appear in this year. In the nineteenth century and since the First World War, women began to join the college and participatewith their work in specific areas. At this time was wrong that women work, people said that they were bad for working or become teachers and less if they were not married. The men said that they onlyhad to get married and they had to fix their home and take care of their children.
Many women did not have the opportunity to work, study they only obeyed their husbands but women had demonstrated thatcan overcome, they can be good professionals and they can make the same things as the men but also they can be good wives and good mothers. The woman was only a tool and the man worked for his familytoday there is much discrimination in our society and in colleges, schools, jobs because men think that they are better than women.

Teachers do not give the same treatment between femalestudents and male students. Women today are more interesting and challenging, all women are changing every day before there were more men in the classroom and in careers now there are more women than men andmany women study, work.
Now the old role of women is different than the new role of women, in Second World War: men left their countries, offices and work then women occupied these positions, the...
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