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The News paper

1° What is a news paper?

A newspaper is a publication containing news, information, and advertising. General-interest newspapers often feature articleson political events, crime, business, art/entertainment, society and sports. Most traditional papers also feature an editorial page containing columns that express the personalopinions of writers. Supplementary sections may contain advertising, comics, and coupons.
A wide variety of material has been published in newspapers, including editorialopinions, criticism, persuasion and op-eds; obituaries; entertainment features such as crosswords, sudoku and horoscopes; weather news and forecasts; advice, gossip, food andother columns; critical reviews of movies, plays and restaurants; classified ads; display ads, editorial cartoons and comic strips.

Parts of the News paper

1°Name: it isthe name that it identifies to the newspaper.

2° First Flat: it is the main leaf of the newspaper (first) in which occur to know the facts most excellent.

3° Motto: itis a short phrase that identifies the philosophy of the company

4° Columns: they are written by specialized journalists in who an interest subject is analyzed.

5°Directory: they are data or telephones of interest so that the reader can at a certain time make use of them

6° Dates: it is the space in which the date of the day is put

7°Sections: they are each and every one of the informative parts in which the newspaper is divided (subjects), policy, sports, etc.

❖ National

❖ International❖ Arts

❖ Sports

❖ Editorial/letters

❖ Business day

8° Cintillo: he is small líne on which it is written the name of the newspaper and its Price.
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