The Origen Of Dreams

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Everyone, since kid, knows what dreams are, but no one knows exactly the origin of them. There are many explanations from very differentperspectives for instance dreams are the messages from the gods or dreams are premonitions of the future. On the other hand, dreams could have a more earthly explanation, for examplethey are the voice of our subconscious or they are random bits and pieces of our memories and experiences taken and re-arranged to create each dream.

Allan Hobson and RobertMcCarleys´s, in 1973, suggested that our waking minds, trying to make sense from memories and experiences create dreams which have no meaning at all. This theory is widelyaccepted and is now one of the most prominent dream theories today.

Jie Zhang proposed that dreaming is a result of brain activation and synthesis of thoughts at the same time.His hypothesis affirms the function of sleep is to process, encode and transfer the data from the short-term memory to the long-term memory, and meanwhile the unconscious partof our brain is doing that job and the conscious has practically no activity, those things trigger the “continual-activation” mechanism to generate a data stream from the memorystores to flow through the conscious part of the brain.

More recently, in 2001, a study showed evidence that illogical locations, characters, and dream flow may help thebrain strengthen the linking and consolidation of semantic memories.

Although these theories are all possible, there is no theory that has been proven to be true so far and untilscientific discover the origin of dreams I will continue enjoying a very good night sleep plenty of nice and exciting Dreams.




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