The ilegality of the dreams

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What do you think when you hear the word Colombia?
Immediately you think about a poor country with problems caused by the violence, immediately you think about drugs,corruption and people who do illegal things but, do you know what Colombia is?

Did you know that Colombia is the country with the most species of amphibians, the most variety of palms, it has thebiggest emerald in the word, it is also the number one producer o different flower species.

Colombia is a wonderful country in South America with nice and friendly people, the second happiest inthe word, Colombia has a spectacular place with exotic fauna and flora. It is the country which produces one of the best coffee in the word. Colombia has changed a lot, now it is not just cocaine, nowit is a paradise with interesting locations, with two oceans which offer diverse cultures with more than a hundred different festivals which people can share together.

If Colombia is a wonderfulplace, what happened with its people?

In this moment there are some problems. First of all, people don’t believe in their country, our country. Why? Because always we are comparing with othercountries, which have good situations, better than ours.

Secondly some people want to earn money by the easy way and start to work with drugs and smuggling and the honest people have to work hard and paya lot of taxes while others just spend a lot of money doing nothing. And finally the most important point is the political corruption, because when the politicians who have to take a decision alwaysthink about themselves and their money forgetting completely about the poor people who need help from the government.

These three points are the detonator of this article because of that theColombian people start leave the country because they want to live an easier life with better opportunities.
This essay is just my opinion about the present situation in Colombia, and why people want to...
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