The perfect system for making you a slave

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Have you ever thought that day by day you are falling into monotony? Even thought we know it, we still do it, even we know this system and criticize it, we do nothing and actually we cannot do a thing, even if we try it will take too long change capitalism, that nowadays is just consider impossible.
Our life is based on money, and economic system, according to definitions is the structure ofproduction, allocation of economic inputs, distribution of economic outputs, and consumption of goods and services in an economy. Marketing, commerce.
Globalization had become in some point a useful invention, commerce between commerce in fact, is a great help of development, “survive”, but in some point useless. An example could be, when a country produce their own materials instead of buyingthem, will be cheaper and his economy will increase, but in some countries will decrease. The international commerce is so delicate that you cannot change it one day to another. Money has become the clue for govern.
We can compare 2 countries, U.S.A and Cuba, the states is a capitalist country, based on buy cheap and sell twice it price, and If you don’t reject it be careful, by the other hand, Cubais a socialist country, in which thanks to U.S.A commercial blocky, had to be by his own, producing almost everything they consume, this might be a good example of completely different ways of organization, if a country starts selling their own products to the people in his own country, the economy will increase, the production will be easier, but in some countries the economy might fall, or not?.This system is so perfect, that if you are smart you don’t even want to take a risk for lent them, for being part of the society you need money, you need to live in there, have a house, and for that you need to have an economy, and to have an economy you need a job, and for a job education, etc..
The list continues, it’s not like if you can deal with it, go to an island and live there, if youdon’t follow it, the most probable thing is that you are not going to end well. Since you born, you need to be “register” as another $ “person” even born is expensive, and they teach you that, for life you need preparation, that’s true, get above others, obtain knowledge, but nowadays, the more you can pay defines the school in which you are. Even if in some countries, they opting for anon-scholar education, you can’t fight against another 200 countries.
Then if we start talking about religion we are not going to end, the convince you to fall more into the system, we cannot verify the existence of a good and they ask us for blind faith, even if we give them, we win “salvation” at the end, we don’t know it, but by that time, instead of taking actions you pray and ask, just ask, but nevergive, just Sundays one hour, non action is require for people in church. That makes you fall for into monotony till one point you lose yourself, you lose your dreams, who you are, they consume you, you are just another daily worker, your wife waiting for you, and your kids too.
You don’t believe in the capacity of the humans, we are not just here for produce money, we are here for more, I don’tknow what, this system drives me crazy, I can’t ride out of it, right now am falling writing for homework not passion.
“Capitalist economic systems can be subdivided into two categories: hands-on and hands-off systems. Typically, "hands-on" economic systems involve a greater role for society and/or the state to pick goods and services, "hands-off" economic systems give more power to privatebusinesses to make those decisions, rather than leaving them up to society as a whole, and often limit government involvement in the market economy”.
This is just a cycle, money is moving, a solution might be if you give money a time limit and then change it, that way you will need to expend it, and they will be no economic social status, and the country will develop thanks to money investments with...
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