The seasons of a woman in love

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Inés Mota Mendoza
ESL 0092 Reading & Writing – Ms. Emily Gung
March 03, 2010
The Seasons of a Woman in Love
A woman’s behavior is always irrational when she is in love. It’s impossible tounderstand a woman’s feelings. We can never follow her feelings because they constantly change. By saying these kinds of statements, men try to explain their inability to comprehend the opposite sexfeeling when women are in love. However, many writers and psychologists have concluded that women’s behavior follow a recurring pattern when they are in love. These manners of acting are actually a welldefined process. There are four stages that a woman has to approach to be successful in this emotional process of love. John Grey, author of the best seller Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus,called these stages the seasons of love.
The first stage of a woman’s love is spring. In this stage, love begins. The woman is falling in love and this is a new phase in her life. The flowersbloom and the butterflies play in a woman’s stomach causing an extraordinary feeling. During this stage of love, it’s easy to be happy and enthusiastic because everything seems perfect. The sensation offalling in love is very strong for a woman. She can only see the beautiful side of her mate. The partner’s mistakes can’t be perceived because the woman is focused on enjoying her new emotions and ongiving pleasure to her partner. How long the excitement of this stage lasts will depend on many factors but, even though it’s really easy to enjoy springtime, the next season will inevitably come.As soon as the spring ends, summer appears. This second stage is just like the actual season of summer. Everything is clear when the sun shines. The strong feeling of excitement has naturallydiminished so the woman can see her partner’s mistakes through the sun’s brightness. The partner’s perfection has gone and the woman has to deal with this reality: he is just as human as she is. Since love...
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