The Solar System

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Verónica Gómez Rodríguez
Grupo 5
Profesora: Nora Kaplan


TIMING: 60 minutes.
Morning meeting: 15 minutes.
Literacydevelopment: 20 minutes.
Unit development: 20 minutes.
Plenary: 5 minutes.


At the end of this lesson, the students will be able to understand the position and relationshipbetween the Sun, Earth and the others planets.
MATERIALS: Flashcards, computer, reading text and worksheets.


1.- Morning meetings.

Learning outcomes: at the end ofthe section, the students will be able to talk about The Solar System.

We talk about things that are familiar to children. In our topic, “The Solar System” we talk about:
* If the studentshave ever seen the sunrise.
* If the students have ever seen the sunset.
* Do you think that the Sun can move?
* Why do you think?
* Do you know others planets?
* Have you ever beenin anyone planet?

2.- Literacy development:

Learning outcomes: at the end of the section, the students will be able to recognize the sound /Ә/ at the end of the words like “never”.
We talkabout the sound /Ә/, then they ask me these questions:
* Do you know others words with this sound?
* Can you write a sentence with a word with this sound?

3.- Unit development:

Learningoutcomes: at the end of the section, the students will be able to know what The Solar System is and what its components are.

Activating previous knowledge.

We use the charter K-W-L to know whatthe students know. We talk about The Solar System.(2)

The text will be this:
“The Solar System is made up of eight planets, their moons, and our Sun. The planets orbit around the Sun, the Sun is astar. The orbit is elliptical, it means egg-shaped.
The first four planets are closed to the Sun. Their names are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. These planets are made mostly of rock.
The next...
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