The tribe

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He had loved her. For a few days, they were flirting together. But she knew he was disobeying the laws of his tribe.
Thus they kept it secret, until one day her brother found them together nextto the cave.He was very upset, not because they were together but because this meant thepunishment of the tribe.
The next day held a grand ceremony with a bonfire.The two logs tied and placed above the fire. For the tribe, were to be burned to purifytheir souls. They tried to untie the ropes but clung to them like leeches. And only they two were alone at the stake, the rest ofthe tribe had gone to pray to their huts and cooking.
The great cloud of smoke enveloped increasingly, the smoke was becoming denser and black, as if the hell.
He could not stand itanymore, swallowed the smoke clung to his throat like chewinggum. I hardly could see the girl, who was standing just feet from him.
When he lost consciousness, the impossible happened. It started raining out of nowhere. It was one of thosedays where the devil had taken her side.
The fire took a little off. She remembered that he had a knife grabbed the ankle. He picked it up as he could and cut the strings. After break out, went tosea to swim torelieve the pain of burns.
Later, she explained as she could, they had to leave the island if it wanted to return todanger.
After four endless hours trying to figure out that was what he wanted tosay, withouthesitation he ran to an ax to cut trees. The girl thought she had not understood the message and continued to make gestures with his arms, like a mime game is involved.
When he went forsomething to grasp, she understood everything. Was preparing a raftto escape. She no doubt was soon to help in two hours and finished the raft.
It was the Black Pearl, but would hold quite a distance.Quickly went in search of food to take them as they fled and set sail.
They knew what freedom was, enjoy the sea breeze brushing your cheek, feeling the kings of...
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