The Turtle Family

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GRANDPA Jorge is a tall tortoise , It has a brown carapace , his body and face are wrinkled, he wears blue pants and black shoes, a straw hat and a cane to walk,It is very quiet ,he likes to read and go fishing on Saturday, when He was young he went out to swim across the ocean.

the Granny Gloria is a beautiful turtle, is not very tall, it has bigblue eyes and long eyelashes, She has some wrinkles and an oval carapace, her body is light green. she likes to wear hats of colors, She is very sweet and loving, She likes to drink with friendsin the evenings. When she was young she studied to be a nurse ,also, she worked in a hospital, taking care of sick people .

The father's name is Paul , he is 45 years old, , he has abig thin head. its shell is light brown and his eyes are brown, his body is dark green and it has small spots on his paws. He is hardworking and fun, he got married 14 years ago, he enjoys playingbaseball and spending time with his family

Xime is mother´s turtle, she is 35 years old. She´s thin and very beautiful. She has got small brown eyes and short brown hair. She knows how todo a lot of things, specially cooking. She´s very fun and smart. She loves go shopping and always gets good prices.

This is sofi, She´s 5 years old. she´s little and very cute. Shelikes to wear a big nice pink ribbon . she has big black eyes and very long eyelashes. She has a big mouth and a little round nose. She has a colorful little and strong shell . She has beautiful pinklong legs and a short tail. She likes to draw, sing, dance and play a lot. She´s very smart and playful.

The tortoise is a boy, his name is Francisco, he is 10 years old hehas a brown carapace, he has big black eyes, he has a big mouth and his body is light green. every afternoon goes riding his skateboard at high speed, when I was 5 years old loved the candy, he is...
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