The unfinishe picture

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The unfinished picture
The unfinished picture is a work of art done by Kathryn Hailtravis and it really caught my attention by the many objects that are painted in the picture. The first thing thatI noticed in the painting was that there were used a lot of dark colors and it make it look sad it also contained many objects that were out of place, but then when I observed it carefully and analyzeit everything made sense.
In the picture there are three people painted a woman, a girl and a boy the woman is in the middle of these two children their faces of these three people have a look ofsadness and like they are worry of something. The woman is dressed with a long dress and it has flowers on it the girls clothes also looks similar to her moms like old fashion clothes and conservative,the little boy is wearing a blue shirt and looks he has jeans on. The little teenage girl is hugging the woman which I believe is her mother the look in her face is like sad and tired of being sadshe also has a serious expression on her face; the boy that is at the left of the woman is giving the woman some flowers with a look of trying to tell that everything will be alright for his mother andhe wants her to stop suffering. The woman face is the most expressive of the three her face looks like she has been depress and everything looks wrong in her life she is not paying attention to thechildren and at the same time she has a look of anger on her eyes.
The picture makes you feel is fall because of the orange used at the top and it also looks like sunset the colors are dark orangeswith yellow. Behind these people there is a long path going left in this path I can observe that has many flowers, walking in the path there are two naked people a man and a woman, they are walkingfacing the path like there is no end only a desert mountain with no plants only dirt also there is a dark sky black and gray clouds at the top of this mountain .You can only see the back of the naked...
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