The wolf (summary)

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The wolf

General information
One of the most ancient species of the Earth - goes more than 100.000 years living in this world - it is the wolf.And apart from the human being, the wolf has been the mammal most extended in the world during the whole history, since it lives in almost all the sites,less in the tropical forests and desert. Likewise, the wolf lives from 6 to 12 years inside an established territory that "belongs" to his herd. And it isthat the wolves are very sociable animals. They live, travel and hunt in very organized groups, normally from 6 to 12 animals and they communicate byhowling. Nevertheless, not only howl, also they use growls, barks, smell and corporal language to communicate. His supply is composed basically of meat(principally small and medium mammals), and even sometimes, of insects, fruits and fish.

Observing wolfs
To have this privilege is almost fundamental torely on people that should live in the zone, which knows the area and which knows first hand in which places the wolf has trodden recently. Nevertheless, itis necessary to get up early and to come to the point of observation in the sunset. It is equally important, that during the wait people get covered wellby vegetation, so much ahead as behind, or if it was not, for rocks, resides it is also convenient to guard silence with the aim that they do not alarm orthey do not scare. If we can be patient, we will be rewarded possibly by the vision of one of the most beautiful and admired animals in the nature.
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