The yellow paper

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It is obviously possible to believe in yourself although no one else seems to. It is a little bit harder to do it when alone but it is possible. I think that when you trust yourself, when you believein yourself, while everyone else does not, when everyone else lets you down, requires strength and courage which makes us even stronger. Being like this demonstrates of what we are really capable of.Believing in yourself does not need the approval or support of others, we can do it in our own although it may be a little bit harder. I know that when other people believe in you, you start feelingmore confident, generating a very gratifying feeling. The fact of being believed in provokes things to be a little easier on you but is not really essential. I think its on the contrary, it isessential to believe in yourself first before other people.
It must be possible, must be an order to believe in yourself although no one else does it. You have to believe in yourself and be persistent. Itis essential for your future. J.K. Rowling, the author of ‘Harry Potter’ books is an example of perseverance. Most of the publishing companies she visited to publish her books did not wanted to butshe did not gave up, she believed in her talent and work so she kept trying until a publishing house finally published her books. Now a days she has become very wealthy, her books are best sellers andeach one has a film. This is why you must believe in yourself, if J.K. Rowling wouldn't have, she wouldn't be where she is now.
Never stop believing in yourself because, if you don’t believe inyourself, do you think anyone else would? No, of course not. The most important thing is to convince yourself first and then transmit this energy, this feeling to the others around you. They way you showto other is how they will take you, if you do not demonstrate self confidence no one else will have confidence on you. So that it is mandatory to believe in yourself first in order to help you...
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