Tokio hotel

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Tokio Hotel


Origin of the group:

They are from Germany, belongs to different cities: Leipzig, Magdeburg and Halle; originally called Devilish, they changed their name before releasing their first German-language record. Their members are Bill Kaulitz (Vocals), Tom Kaulitz (Guitar), Georg Listing (Bass) and Gustav Schäfer (Drums).


Bill Kaulitz Trümper:

He was born inLeipzig, Germany at September, 1st in 1989. His identical twin is Tom (Bill born 10 minutes later). He has 8 piercings: one in the eyebrow, one on his tongue, one on his left nipple, other in the middle of his nose, 3 in his left ear and 1 on his right ear; also has 4 tattoos: one on his neck that is the Tokio Hotel’s symbol, on his left arm that says freiheit 89 (freedom 89) because he was bornin the year that the Berlin wall were destroyed, other on his hip that is a star and the last one is a german phrase on the left side if his trunk.

When he was at high school he used to likes the arts subject and hated Geography, French and Math. Pets: A dog named Scotty and a cat Kazimir; his favorite movies are Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, etc; also his favorite food ispizza, he is very sleepy, he hates camping. He was 7 years old when he wrote his first song. He hates chocolate but loves the gummy bears.

He participated on Star Search in 2003 at 13 sung a cover of "It’s raining man" was a bet made between Bill and Tom (I have never found which was) and Bill lost the bet so that had to cast and the entire thing was ultimately second contest, that’s when he wasdiscovered.

Tom Kaulitz Trümper:

He was born in Leipzig, Germany at September, 1st in 1989. His identical twin is Bill (he is the older by 10 minutes). He just has one piercing on his lip in the left side; his favorite music is the german hip-hop, Samy Deluxe, Aerosmith, etc.

His eyes color are brown, his natural hair color is dark blonde too, he had rastafari look but now his hair isblack and has braids all over his head.

When he was at high school he used to like the Mecanography and Arts Subject and hated Math, Physics and Sports.

Sometimes he has the same dreams that his brother Bill and they jokes a lot, he loves the nesquik, pizzas, and also hates chocolates like his twin, he likes to sleep a lot, and his favorite movie is Spiderman.

Georg Moritz Hagen Listing:He was born in Halle, Germany at March, 31st in 1987. He has no siblings. His eyes color are green and his hair is brown.

His favorite bands are Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis, Green Day, etc. When he was in high school he used to like Psychology subject and hated German and Math, also he says that if he wouldn’t be in the band he might be a Dentist.

He loves sports,dance, go to parties, and of course music, the first CD that he bought were “Definitely maybe" by Oasis.

He likes to sleep a lot too, he hates to be awake early, also he likes candies, Red Bull, his favorite food is the Gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce and his favorite actor is Brad Pitt.

Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer:

He was born in Magdeburg, Germany at September, 8th in 1988. He has oneolder sister. His eyes color are brown and his hair is blond.

He has lots of tattoos one on his back are angels wings, one on his arm a star and more.

He is a modest young man, somewhat, not much sense of humor, calm, sensible, although it can become angry easily, somewhat impatient, always gets up very early. Pet is a dog, she enjoys playing the drums. He always says "the important thing isthat everything goes well"

His favorite band is Metallica that’s why the first CD that he bought was the “Black Album” by Metallica.
When he was in high school he used to like the Gym and Economy subjects and hated German and Science. His favorite food is lasagna made it by himself; also he likes the Red Bull and loves chocolates. He is allergic to fish, strawberries, dust, pollen and pork....
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