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The Top 10 Beer Companies
Emerging opportunities, growth strategies and financial performance

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The Top 10 Beer Companies
Emerging opportunities, growth strategies and financial performance

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Report Overview...
The global beer market was valued at approximately $507bn in 2008, an increase of 1.8% over 2007. Business Insightsforecasts that the value of the global beer market will grow at a CAGR of 1.6% during 2007–12 to reach a total value of $540bn in 2012. Shift in preference for premium beer in emerging markets driven by a rise in purchasing power, and product differentiation will help to drive an increase in beer market value through 2012. However, the recession and down-trading might reduce the pace of premiumization ofbeer. In addition, increase in preference for spirits, wines and healthy drinks will to some extent cannibalize the market size of beer. ‘The Top 10 Beer Companies: Industry trends and growth strategies of leading players’ is a new report published by Business Insights that analyzes the innovation and growth strategies of the top 10 players in the beer industry. This report identifies theproduct areas that the top 10 players are seeking to develop. It also examines the comparative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the world’s leading beer companies. Pages Figures Tables 149 34 65

“Benchmark your performance against the leading beer companies using market share and financial data in this new report...”

The Top 10 Beer Companies
Emerging opportunities,growth strategies and financial performance

Key Findings...
Consolidation in the beer industry has changed the leading company, with A-B InBev becoming the market leader based on sales of $21,727m in 2008, followed by Heineken ($16,854m), pushing SABMiller ($15,751m) down to third rank. Carlsberg had the highest sales growth of 25.5% during 2005–08 primarily driven by its acquisition of Scottish &Newcastle’s (S&N’s) operations in Russia. There has been a shift in preference for premium beer in emerging markets as a result of rising purchasing power, greater product differentiation and targeted marketing campaigns. Heineken is the second largest player in the global beer industry with sales of 11,455m ($16,854m) in 2008, an increase of 27.3% over 2007.

Beer and other alcoholicbeverages, CAGR 2004–08 (%) “Consumption of other alcoholic beverages including wines, spirits, ciders and flavored alcoholic beverages (FABs) are increasing at the expense of beer. Continuous innovation in flavor and products supported with aggressive marketing strategies and potential health benefits is swaying the market away from beer in favor of other alcoholic beverages as supported from the CAGR...
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