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Total Engagement Marketing
10 Ways to Improve Email Marketing Response in 2010
by Tom Bishop, Marketing Manager & Marianne Cellucci, SEO/PPC Analyst

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What is

Total Engagement Marketing?

Total Engagement Marketing is a new set of rules that puts your business in continuous touch with customers, at any moment, on any medium. You getfeedback, answer questions, sell products and win referrals. It makes email the center of your marketing strategy.


Table of Contents:
1. Make Email The Backbone 2. Have Them at Hello 3. Ride the Lifecycle 4. Make it Personal 5. Create Micro-Segments 6. Keep it Short and Sweet 7. Keep Your Eyes Open Wide 8. Get Continuous Permission 9. Raise Awareness of Your Brand10. Deliver Support Services
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Are you ready for a radical shift in the way you use email marketing?

Email ties it all together.
Total Engagement Marketing relies on every tactic you use to communicate with your customers. You have many outposts on the web; social media, websites, blogs, directories, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, andhosted web assets. You need something to tie your communications tactics together: Email. This white paper asks you to use email as the central focus of your strategy, tying the others together. It is easier to personalize and automate; it is more current than your Flash billboard; and it gets delivered to your customers’ inboxes consistently, where they’ve already agreed to welcome


Make Email the
Let’s start with a blinding glimpse of the obvious; the online environment is now firmly entrenched as the media of choice for consumers and business leaders. Marketers use web2.0 techniques for websites and landing pages. You may already send automated, sequential email campaigns, and use social media and blogs as a marketing tool, and search forways to improve engagement with narrower segments of your audience. Now for the not so obvious; despite all this envelope-pushing, your website is still central to your marketing strategy, while everything else is treated as adjunct. It is time to start thinking of everything outside of your site as critical components of your online strategy. Get beyond focusing on updating graphics and perfectingmessaging on the website, while everything else gets little credence as part of your strategy. The old approach makes sense when you consider that your company website is under your complete control while with most other

of Total Engagement
outlets you are hamstrung by the limitations of someone else’s user interface. Your email design is constrained by the limitations of email clients andESP mailing practices. With dynamic media such as video you are limited by bandwidth. With social media you can manage your images and text, but the interface presentation is up to the whims of designers trying to please everyone else in the world. You rule your site, so it is tempting to put the bulk of your effort into it. That’s why making email the backbone is not about abandoning your website’sutility in your marketing strategy, but about treating everything outside of it as part of your total web presence. Each outlet becomes an extension of your messaging for various demographics, vertical markets, or products and services. You create a path for users to reach landing pages, blog posts, or web assets. No matter what path your customers use to reach you and gather information aboutyour company’s offerings, there is only one central hub that ties all of it together: email. Visitors who opt in at any point in your various acquisition paths become part of your email marketing campaigns. Powerful segmentation lets you capture vital data about who they are and what interests them. Email allows you to personalize and strengthen the relationship, which you can’t do with every...
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