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Costs and amounts
The Sky Palm has average cost of $ 1.500 million dollars.
Steel: 14.000 tons.
Concrete: 90.000 m3

The main problem that arises to build this greatbuilding is the soil in which it will be. It will be located in a place where the soil is sandy, so the foundations must be very deep and heavy so the hotel won’t sink. Inaddition the bottom of the foundations can’t be flat, there must be pillars that “anchored” it to the ground.
Considering the weight of the main building and the palm, the foundations must be a solid "block" of concrete to a depth equalto the height of the building and the pillars should be half the height of the building. The weight of the palm is not as important as it seems, because the base of the foundations is very largecompared with the base of the “tree”.
The pendulum
It isn’t well known that the coast of Dubai can be hit by typhoons and even small earthquakes, so we must ensure that the palm won’t fall, so inside wewill have a large solid steel pendulum supported by four hydraulic arms filled with oil, which by the law of inertia, as it won’t be hit directly by the typhoon or the earthquake, will tend to remainin its place, but also the weight of our pendulum is supported by the building, so the pendulum will create an opposing force that prevents that the movement of the "tree" will be on a great scale.Ventilation
The temperatures during the day in Dubai are very high so ventilation is a big problem, our solution to this problem will be that the building will be hollow.
We all know that hot airrises and cold air goes down, so for a favorable air circulation, the ventilation system will be at the top of the building, so there will be a constant flow of cold air and also oxygenated air.Transportation
Transporting crowds in this kind of mega structures is a big challenge, and needs not just one but a couple of engineering solutions.
One of these solutions is the “double-decker...
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