Trabajo De Investigación Sobre La Drogadiccion

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* City of Buenos Aires, at some time considered, owed principally to the architecture, “Paris of the Hemisphere South” for several travelers, offers a wide culturalactivity. The travelers choose generally a night visit to the places where tango and a walk is danced to a typical stay (in the province of Buenos Aires), to taste the traditional roast. In the lastyears, new thematic circuits arose, between great them dedicated to important personalities as Carlos Gardel, Eve Perón or Jorge Luis Borges. Also he has numerous walks of purchases (shoppings),between which they emphasize the High Palermo, Walk Alcorta, Court Bullrich, Supply of Buenos Aires and Galleries Pacific Ocean

* Cataracts of the Iguazú, located to the North-East, zone ofsubtropical jungle, are the water cataracts most known about the whole region and his tourist exploitation possesses good development of infrastructure, and very diverse walks. It is a zone of National Park,where the original flora and fauna are preserved. His more impressive jump is the so called Throat of the Devil. Important others are the so called ones Two Sisters, Bossetti or Álvar Núñez, in honoringto his discoverer, Álvar Núñez Cabeza of Cow

* City of Jumps, City of colonial architecture with great tourist offer from they can be realized tours to other points turístisticos as: Gully ofThe St Lawrence, Valleys Calchaquíes, Dike Goat Corral (General Belgrano Reservoir), Cafayate, Big Salt mines, Iruya (step forced by the Gully of Humahuaca and Purmamarca), Cachi (happening for theSlope of the bishop), Mills, The Boiler, national Park The Teasel, national Park The King or national Park Baritú, Rosario de la Frontera's thermal baths. The Train goes out from the downtown to theClouds; this peculiar one I walk by train along the zone of the Puna, an almost desert high plateau, with enormous contrasts in his tour, which is raising the hillsides of the Andes, located in the...
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