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Lab report (Weird water)

With this experiment we are trying to see the chemical changes in the water according to its different properties and adding to it othersubstances.

1.To investigate the cohesive properties of water and other liquids.
2.To draw conclusions about how these cohesive forces affect the behavior and uses ofwater.

In this lab we are going to observe the different chemical changes in the water changing its properties and its reaction adding different substances.Theoretical framework:
1.Half-filled three labeled medicine cups with water, alcohol and salad oil. Place a dropper in each cup.
2.Lay one square of wax paper flat on atable.
3. Place one drop of each liquid on the wax paper in a row, about 1 cm apart.
4.Observe and compare the shapes. Make sure your eyes are even with the drops.
5.Place one dropof water and one drop of water on opposite ends of the strip paper towel.
6.Observe which spot dries quickly.
7.Lay the other square of wax paper flat on the table.
8.Place threeseparate drops of water on the left side of the paper towel.
9.Using a toothpick, move two drops near one another.
10.Dip the toothpick in the water cups. Hold the toothpickupright. Place the tip between the two drops.
11.Use the toothpick to move all the drops together.
12. Add soap to the big drop.
13.Use clean toothpicks for each liquid.
14.Fold andiscard the wax paper.
15. Place a piece of paper towel on the table. Center a clean penny on the paper.
16.Then add the water drops to the penny.
16.Finally figure out the averagenumber of drops.

We learn how the water change its properties according to the substances it is with and how it changes its behavior when we add certain substances.
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