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Meet a Nikon SLR photographer.

The F65

can do it all.
Great potential is wonderful. Great results are even better. Are you ready to take the step from imagining more stunning photos to shooting them? With a Nikon F65 in your hands, taking better pictures has never been easier. Simply select a desired mode for the type of photo you want to shoot. Trust Nikon’s Dynamic AF system, 3D MatrixMetering, Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash, and other features of superior performance renowned among the world’s finest professional photographers. And capture more magic of unforgettable moments and everyday fun. Every opportunity is yours for the taking when you’ve got the right camera to do it all. Just apply your vision and start experiencing the joy of being a Nikon SLR photographer.
The big,high-visibility lets you check camera settings at a glance.



This Nikon SLR is so

compact and lightweight (395g),
anyone can handle it.

Five-Area Dynamic AF system
Wide-coverage keeps subjects in clear focus and eliminates unintended blurring. Crisp, precise film advance and shutter release make

2.5-frames-per-second continuous shooting
supremely assured.


autopop-up Speedlight,

featuring Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash throws just the right light on a scene to make the shot look beautiful and natural.

Mode Dial makes
operation simple and intuitive, so great pictures are a snap in every shooting situation.

automatic a mode and five Vari-Program modes (s d f g h ),
With fully you don’t have to be a pro to take better pictures—just press the shutterbutton.

ize tual s Ac

3D Matrix Metering
can read atmosphere as well as brightness and contrast, for recording the scene in all its nuanced detail.

Other features include: • AF-Assist Illuminator • Multiple exposure • Exposure compensation • Auto Exposure Bracketing • Versatile flash modes including Slow Sync, Rear-Curtain Sync and Red-Eye Reduction • Durable metallic lens mount •Self-timer and optional remote controller • Dioptre adjustment • Depth-of-field preview function • F65D offers data imprinting

So can you.

▼ Expect more from your pictures. Nikon F65

Natural movement.


s a parent, you keep your eye out for what makes a precious moment shine. It’s good to get to the essence of things at a moment’s notice without a

fuss. Life’s pleasures should be assimple and satisfying as child’s play. Like a photo shot in AUTO to your vision.

a mode. The key is to take it easy and stay true

Won’t let you miss a shot
The F65’s Dynamic AF system with Five Focus Areas covers various “sweet spots” to keep the subject sharp, even when it’s not in centre frame. It’s all so automatic and easy, you hardly have to think about a thing. Just enjoy capturingthe moment!

Dynamic AF keeps the F65 focused as intended, regardless of position of the subject (in red shirt, below) in the frame, using five AF sensors (centre, top, bottom, right, and left).

It takes a smart AF-Assist Illuminator to keep focus on a subject when light is low or you’re shooting in total darkness. The F65 keeps your subject looking natural because it doesn’t use a harshpre-flash that can daze or distract your subject.



That’s what the F65’s AF system lets you capture.


ction is spontaneous. No stopping, no posing, no holds barred. And to go with the flow, it helps to be totally free, far from the routine, and within comfortable reach

of what catches your eye. Shooting in Sports Continuous moments for posterity.

g mode is fantastic forfreezing sports and other movement on the fly, knowing that you can capture fleeting

Stays focused at every crucial moment
The F65’s Focus Tracking with Lock-On™ feature keeps a moving subject—even as quick and unpredictable as an animal or a child—in clear focus, as long as the shutter release button is pressed. It’s foolproof and automatic!

You can select one of Five Focus Areas to...
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