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American Heart Association's guidelines dictate that Adult CPR is performed on any person over the age of 8. The procedure outlined in the following lessons is similar to Children CPR and Infant CPR,although some critical differences apply.
Before you start any rescue efforts, you must remember to check the victim for responsiveness.
If you suspect that the victim has sustained spinal or neckinjury, do not move or shake him. Otherwise, shake the victim gently and shout "Are you okay?" to see if there is any response. If the victim is someone you know, call out his name as you shake him.AIRWAY
"A" is for AIRWAY. If the victim is unconscious and is unresponsive, you need to make sure that his airway is clear of any obstructions. The breaths may be faint and shallow - look, listen andfeel for any signs of breathing. If you determine that the victim is not breathing, then something may be blocking his air passage. The tongue is the most common airway obstruction in an unconsciousperson.
With the victim lying flat on his back, place your hand on his forehead and your other hand under the tip of the chin (Figure 1). Gently tilt the victim's head backward. In this position theweight of the tongue will force it to shift away from the back of the throat, opening the airway (Figure 2).
If the person is still not breathing on his own after the airway has been cleared, youwill have to assist him breathing

"B" is for BREATHING. With the victim's airway clear of any obstructions, gently support his chin so as to keep it lifted up and the head tilted back. Pinchhis nose with your fingertips to prevent air from escaping once you begin to ventilate and place your mouth over the victim's, creating a tight seal (Figure 1).
As you assist the person in breathing,keep an eye on his chest. Try not to over-inflate the victim's lungs as this may force air into the stomach, causing him to vomit. If this happens, turn the person's head to the side and sweep any...
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