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This manual contains information on limitations regarding product use and function and information on the limitations as to liability of the manufacturer. The entire manual should be carefully read.

Now classified in accordance with ANSI/SIA CP-01-2000 (SIA-FAR)

Installation Manual
PC5010 CP-01

PC5010 CP-01 Version 3.2 DLS2002 and higher

New Features

PC5200 SupportThe PC5010 CP-01 v3.1 and higher supports the new PC5200 Power Supply module. See PC5200 Power Supply Output Module, Pg 2. The PC5010 CP-01 v3.1 and higher supports the PC5936 15-station audio matrix module. See PC5936 Audio Interface Module, Pg 3. SIA False Alarm Reduction has been incorporated in this version. See the Quick Reference Chart SIA-FAR on the following page. This feature enables thesystem (or partition) to arm if there is no zone activity for a programmed time period. See sections [191]-[192] - No-Activity Timer (Partition 1-2). The Auto- arm Pre-alert Time is now programmable. The default value for this timer has been extended to 5 minutes. See Section [199] - Auto-arming Pre-Alert Time, Pg 30.

PC5936 Support SIA FAR No Activity Arming (by Partition) ProgrammableAuto-arm Pre-Alert Timer Periodic Test Transmission Exception Cross Zoning

With this feature enabled, the panel will not send a test transmission if there has been any transmission received by the receiver within the programmed time. See Section [018] - Sixth System Option Codes, Option 1, Pg 27. This feature requires two or more trips on a zone(s) specified as “cross zones” within a specified timebefore starting an alarm sequence. The Cross Zone option is programmable by zone via Attribute 9. See Section [018], Sixth System Option Codes,Option 6, Pg 28. When selecting Automatic Contact ID for reporting, the reporting code will represent how a zone is defined according to the SIA specification for Contact ID. If Automatic Contact ID is enabled, see Appendix A for reporting codes that will beused for each zone type. When enabled and the system or Partition is in alarm, all assigned keypad buzzers will follow the bell output. When disabled, the keypad buzzers will only sound for buzzer type alarms. This option is off at default. See Section [018] Sixth System Option Codes, Option 5, Pg 28. See Sections [001]-[002] - Zone Definitions, Pg 21. Zone Type 27 - Delayed 24 Hour WaterflowZone Zone Type 28 - Instant 24 Hour Waterflow Zone Zone Type 29 - Auto Verified Fire Zone Zone Type 30 - Fire Supervisory Zone Zone Type 31 - Day Zone This option affects the Instant Waterflow Zone and the Delay Waterflow Zone. This option does NOT allow the user to silence alarms, manually, automatically, or by a system reset until all waterflow zones are returned to their restored state. SeeSection [018] - Sixth System Option Codes, Option 4, Pg 28. This feature enables the Door Chime to verbally annunciate the Zone that has been violated instead of a series of beeps. See Section [018] - Sixth System Option Codes, Option 2&3, Pg 33. This feature is only available when using the ESCORT5580 v3.0, and the PC5936 v1.0. Refer to the Escort5580 v3.0 and PC5936 v1.0 Installation Manuals forfurther information. The PC5010 CP-01 v3.1 and higher can configure any or all onboard zones for 36 ms Loop Response (see Section [030] - Fast Loop Response, Pg 29). The PC5010 CP-01 v3.2 supports the T-Link TCP/IP Network Communicator.

True Automatic Contact ID

Keypad Buzzer

New Zone Types

Waterflow Silence Inhibit Option

Verbal Door Chime and Verbal Alarm Support

Loop ResponseT-Link


PC5010 CP-01 Installer Programming Quick Reference Chart SIA False Alarm Reduction
Minimum requirement system for SIA-FAR Installations : • 1 PC5010 CP-01 Control Panel • 2 Local Annunciation Devices The local annunciation devices may be any combination of the following keypads. • LCD5500Z/LCD5520Z LCD5501Z • PKP-LCD PKP-ICN The following optional subassembly modules also bear...
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