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T-shirts out; uniforms in
1. School uniforms are becoming more and more popular across the U.S.A. that’s no surprise, because they offer many benefits. They instantly end the powerful social sorting and labeling that come from clothing. If all students are dressed in the same way, they will not be distracted by fashion competition. Some students will also not be excluded or laughed at becausethey wear they “wrong” clothes.

2. Some people object to the “regimentation” of school uniforms, but they do not realize that students already accept a kind of regimentation wanting to look just like their friends. The difference is that the clothing students choose for themselves creates social barriers; school uniforms tear those barriers down.

3. As in other places, uniforms remind thewearers of their purpose and responsibilities. When a man or woman puts on a police uniform, for example, he or she becomes, for a time, the symbol of law and order. The uniform signifies to the wearer his or her special duties and sends the same message to everyone the wearer meets. Many different professions wear uniforms of one kind or another. For students, the school uniform reminds them thattheir responsibility for the six or seven hours they are in school is to get an education.

4. Some parents complain that school uniforms will affect their children’s “creativity” First, as noted above, the clothes students typically wear do not express their individuality. The just copy their classmates. Second, students have the rest of the day to be as creative as they like. While they’re inschool, their job is to master reading, writing, and arithmetic; this should engage all the creativity they have. Mastery of those skills will enrich the creativity the students apply in every aspect of their lives.
1. When you think of millionaires, do you think of people wearing diamonds and driving expensive cars? Actually, the rich are far more likely to be wearing oldjeans and driving an old pickup truck. They don´t try to look different from ordinary people, say authors Thomas Stanley and William Danko in their book, The Millionaire Next Door. They surveyed America´s millionaires and found that the main secret to wealth was modest spending. “Anyone can be wealthy if they make a plan, are frugal, and work hard,” says Stanley. Here is what else they found.

2.Eighty percent of millionaires in America made their fortunes in one generation. They didn´t inherit their money from their family. Most of them are self-employed, often in blue-collar industries, where you don´t need to wear a suit. They are roofing contractors, dry cleaners, and scrap-metal dealers. These people were not the A students in high school; they were the B and C students.

3. Womenare less likely to become millionaires than men, unless it´s through marriage. There are far more men than women in the high-paying jobs in the U.S. – physicians, lawyers, optometrists; and the women who go into these professions earn much less than the men. Moreover, women in all professions tend to get more financial help from their parents.

4. There are not a lot of millionaires in thewhite-collar professions. If you´re a doctor, lawyer, or stockbroker, you have to look wealthy and successful, like your clients. You´re under pressure to spend a lot of money, and that eats away at your savings.

5. The typical millionaire earns $130,000 a year and saves about 20 percent of it annually. They spend time managing their money and planning their financial future.

6. Even those whodon´t earn a lot of money can become millionaires. People don´t understand how little money it could take to become a millionaire. If people who drank three cans of soda a day for 46 years had invested that money in soft drink company stocks instead, they´d be millionaires.

Camisetas fuera, uniformes en

1. Los uniformes escolares son cada vez más popular en todo los EE.UU. que no es ninguna...
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