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Ethical issues related to human cloning.

Human cloning is exposed to all ethical and legal observations have amply condemned. It is a radical manipulation of the constitutive relationality andcomplementarity, which are the basis of human procreation, both on the biological and the proper person. Indeed, it tends to make bisexuality as a purely functional, since it requires an ovum in itscore, to give rise to a clone embryo, and is a female womb for development can reach the thin.In this perspective is adopted in the logic of industrial production: it should analyze and promote marketresearch, experimentation and refine always produce new models.There is a radical implementation of women, reduced to some of their purely biological functions while there is the prospect of aninvestigation into the possibility of creating artificial wombs, last passes to create a "laboratory" a human being. It is necessary to emphasize the difference between the conception of life as a gift of loveand vision of the human being as an industrial product. The possibility of human cloning is a violation of two fundamental principles that underlie all human rights: the principle of equality betweenhuman beings and the principle of non-discrimination. The principle of equality of human beings is violated by this possible form of male dominance, while there is discrimination. The reason lies inthe bargaining rights of the dignity of human procreation, especially when cloning is limited to reproductive patterns that have characterized only the simplest organisms and less evolved from thebiological point of view.It feeds the idea that some men may have a stranglehold on the existence of others to the point of programming their biological identity. This selective concept of man will haveeffects even outside the practice, since it favors the belief that the value of the man and the woman does not depend on your personal identity, but merely biological qualities that can be seen and...
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