True love walkthrough

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True Love Walkthrough

by Vendetta.

I’ll put the activities for each day in this format: Morning/Evening/Night.

Remember, some events seem to happen at random. So be sure to SAVE OFTEN. That way, if an event which is listed in this walkthrough doesn’t happen at the date at which I said it would occur, you can simply load the game and do exactly the same thing again. You’ll often findthat (maybe after a few more tries) it does happen the next time. Also, I’ve left a couple of events out. Generally, these are relatively unimportant events which seem to always occur no matter what you do and don’t impact the game in any way.

Finally, a little tip for all you impatient people who don’t want to see every scene they’ve already seen again: I’ve found that by keeping the ENTER keypressed you’ll quickly skip all dialogue until you a) to make an important choice, b) hear a sound effect, or c) you reach the end of the day.

Okay, now... on to the walkthrough!

First of all, start a new game (duh;) and enter your name.The first important choice comes right now, before even actually starting the game. The type of person you select can influence the way you need to playthe game a lot. I’ve found that for me, Playboy worked best, so if you’re going to follow this walkthrough, you should pick that type of personality when asked to.

July 1: Schedule ? College/Break/Break

In front of college, you’ll meet Mikae. When she asks what you think about her, it doesn’t matter what you answer. You see, this girl already loves you with all herheart, so you don’t really have to make an effort to be nice to her all the time.
When Kuzuhiko asks you for 3000 Yen, you’ll end up lending him the money, no matter what you say.
When Chiemi shows up and asks what you were doing, tell the truth and say you were peeking on the girls. She’ll be impressed with your honesty.

July 2, 3, 4 and 5: Schedule ? College/Break/Break

Sure, some stuffhappens during these days (like exams), but there are no important choices to be made and no places to go, so just slack off these days by taking a break at every opportunity. At the end of July 5, you should be visited by the God of Pleasure, who will be very pleased to see you haven’t been doing jack all these days. He’ll give you a massive boost of 40 to all your abilities, including Passion,and remove all your fatigue. Although I doubt you’ll be tired after doing nothing for so many days...

July 6: Schedule ? Fashion/Work/Fashion

At some point during this day you should run into Mayumi again, in the same way as you ran into her at July 2. (i.e. bumping in to eachother and you ending up staring at her knickers ;)
Of course, she’ll get her knickers in a twist again (punintended, duh ;) and run off, but it’s important to meet her at this point nonetheless. If she didn’t show up today... well, I hope you took my advise and saved the game, so you can load it and try again. The same goes for all other events which I say should happen on a particular day, so I won’t mention it again.

July 7: Schedule ? College/Fashion/Fashion

Your exam results will be posted up,and remarkably enough you should notice that (thanks to the God of Pleasure raising your scholarship probably) you didn’t do all that bad. Okay, so it’s not very good either... Anyway, your teacher Miss Yumi will show up and ask if it’s her fault your grades suck. Say that it’s your own fault. She’ll then give you some counseling which should raise your scholarship level a little, and (though notintended by Miss Yumi, I’m sure) your Passion will also go up, hehe.

July 8: Schedule ? College/Fashion/Fashion

Thanks to the boost given to you by the God of Pleasure, your artwork should now be sufficiently impressive to draw Miyuki’s attention. (yep, that was another pun right there! ;)
If you don’t see Miyuki at any point during this day, load the game. You did save regularly, didn’t...
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