Tsunami Of Japan

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Tsunami of Japan

Tokyo. (Agencies) .- The earthquake of 8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale and subsequent tsunami that have struck northeastern Japan has reached catastrophic numbers: the Ministry of Defense says that the dead can be more than 1,000, despite to official provisional balance encrypted at 310 victims dead and 350 missing. The reason to think a tragedy to count the bodies infour-digit numbers is the certainty that there are about 1,800 houses destroyed in Minamisoma, in the prefecture of Fukushima.También must take into account that the small Japanese town Kesennuma, located in the Northeast, home to some 74,000 people, is submerged in a third of the water that has entered the mainland.

The agency also reported that the number of people has rocketed untraceable above88,000.

At around 4:00 local time (20:00 Spanish time), a second 6.6 quake jolted the province of Nagano and Niigata. The earthquake was felt in Tokyo, where buildings shook again, although Japan's Meteorological Agency has issued a tsunami warning this time.

In addition 110 people whose deaths have been confirmed in different regions of the north and east, 200 to 300 bodies were discoveredon a beach in the northeast of Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture. The police are supposed to residents who were trapped by the wave of 10 meters that hit the area.

The Japanese government has warned that the earthquake has caused an "exceedingly high" of victims and called on the population that is ready for new replicas of great intensity.

The earthquake has caused many expressions of support andsympathy from the international community.

This is a temporary situation, the data are difficult to collect given the number of affected areas, police said. "The damage is so great that we need time to regroup the scattered elements," said an official.

Japan is in turmoil, particularly the northeast coast. The effects of this violent earthquake, the strongest ever suffered in Japan, extendbeyond the Asian chef and have declared all tsunami alerts across the Pacific Ocean, although weak waves and arrive at their destination.

A swirl of water that has engulfed before the television cameras in a boat carrying 100 people, while a passenger train with an unknown number of people on board has disappeared in the wake of a wave of ten meters. The East Japan Railway Railway Stationtraveling near Nobiru Senseki line linking the cities of Sendai and Ishinomaki when the tsunami struck, according to AFP Infoman.

Alongside the bags from Asia, which took heavy losses in the markets shook European reinsurers, they will face substantial compensation for damages.

There are also many wounded, including about 60 only in Tokyo, where the earthquake has shaken buildings, has paralyzedthe subway service and blocked phone lines, according to local authorities. This has been one of the worst affected areas, as the quake's epicenter was located in the Pacific Ocean 130 km from the coast at a depth of 20 kilometers.

The earthquake also caused around 80 fires in the north and east of the archipelago that forced many plants to suspend production.

Other major Nipponese groupssuch as Toyota, Sony and Nissan also closed plants in the area and evacuated their employees.

To help the victims of the Government of Japan has moved to 8,000 military personnel to the area most affected, and as foreign minister said Nippon, Takeaki Matsumoto, the Executive asked the United States support of U.S. troops deployed to various bases in the country since more than half a century.U.S. military ships in the territory Nippon has not been damaged, according to the U.S. Navy.

The Tokyo metropolitan government has reported that several shelters established in the city for those who can not reach their homes, while a crowd went to the grocery store to stock up at the prospect of a long night.

The service of "Shinkansen" or Japanese bullet train, after totally suspended...
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