Japan mix of energy, traditions and landscapes

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Japan is a mix of energy, traditions and landscapes. The many nuances of this destination will become one of the most visited in the world receivingabout 8 millions tourist each year average.
The religion in Japan: Shinto is the oldest religion of Japan, Its name was derived from the Chinese words "shin tao" ("The Way of the Gods") it’s relatedwith the national character and it’s a fundamental part of social and family structure in the Japanese culture, its holly book is Nihongi and Kojiki, this religion based on worship the Kami (gods orspirits) who are in the nature or in higher forces, for followers of this religion Mount Fuji is a sacred mountain, for there is the holy place of Shinto.
There are "Four Affirmations" in Shinto:1. Tradition and the family: The family is seen as the main mechanism by which traditions are preserved. Their main celebrations relate to birth and marriage.
2. Love of nature: Nature is sacred;to be in contact with nature is to be close to the Gods. Natural objects are worshipped as sacred spirits.
3. Physical cleanliness: Followers of Shinto take baths, wash their hands, and rinseout their mouth often.
4. "Matsuri": The worship and honor given to the Kami and ancestral spirits.

The most important traditions: Without a doubt one of the most important traditions is theuse of the kimono, they are made of silk and are usually very expensive. Nowadays they are worn at formal or traditional occasions such as funerals, weddings or tea ceremonies. Kimono differ in styleand color depending on the occasion on which it is worn and the age and marital status of the person wearing it. The tea ceremony (Sado: "the way of tea") is a ceremonial form preparation and teadrinking. The custom has been strongly influenced by zen Buddhism. The ceremony itself consists of many rituals that have to be learned from memory. Almost every movement of the hand is prescribed....
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