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Dream Date
A young woman chooses one of three men for her date on a dating game show. Host: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Dream Date, the game where one lucky woman gets to choose her perfect date. I’m your host, Lucky Chance. Now, let’s meet our first contestant. Announcer: Lucky, meet Sarah Hawkins, a social studies teacher from Ames, Iowa. Host: Hello, Sarah, andwelcome to Dream Date. Sarah: Hi, Lucky. It’s great to be here. Host: Now, Sarah, before we bring out our three bachelors, why don’t you tell us something about yourself? Sarah: Well, I’m twenty-eight years old. I’m interested in American history and government. I . . . I enjoy talking about politics, literature, the arts . . . about a lot of things, really. Host: And what qualities do you look for in aguy? Sarah: Well, I like someone who’s honest and straightforward, and someone who’s a good conversationalist. Also, I like it when someone is more interested in other people than he is in himself. I think that’s really important. Host: Well, those are all good qualities. Is there anything you don’t like in a guy? Sarah: Well, I can’t stand it when a guy talks about himself all the time. That’ssomething that really bothers me. Host: Well, Sarah, now that we know a little about you, why don’t you have a seat? And let’s bring out our three bachelors so you can choose your “dream date.”
• • •

Host: Thank you, bachelors. OK, Sarah, let’s get started. Go ahead and ask your first question. And remember, you have to make your choice based on the answers you receive. Sarah: OK. BachelorNumber 1. If you were out with your friends and then showed up late for our first date, what excuse would you give when you arrived? Bachelor 1: Well, I’d be too embarrassed to tell you the truth, so I’d probably say that I had car trouble or got stuck in traffic or something. Sarah: OK. Bachelor Number 2, same question. Bachelor 2: Well, it really bothers me when people lie – and I wouldn’t want tostart our relationship on a lie – so I would tell you the truth, and I’d hope you’d be generous enough to forgive me. Sarah: Bachelor Number 3? Bachelor 3: Well, that’s happened on other dates, as a matter of fact. I’d probably be honest with you and tell you what I tell everyone: “I’m sorry, but, uh, it’s hard to divide my time among so many people!” Sarah: Oh, really? OK. Uh, Bachelor Number 1,what’s your idea of the ideal date? Bachelor 1: Well, I think getting together with a bunch of my friends, having a barbecue, and heading out to a football game. Yeah, that would be a great date. Sarah: OK. Uh, Bachelor Number 3, same question. Bachelor 3: For me, I think I would take you to my favorite nightclub where everybody knows me. Sarah: And how about you, Number 2? What’s your idea of theperfect date? Bachelor 2: I’d take you out to a nice dinner. That way you could relax and enjoy the evening, and we could get to know each other better. Sarah: Great. OK. Uh, Bachelor Number 2, tell me two things about yourself: one positive and one negative.

Host: Welcome, gentlemen. It’s good to have you with us. Would each of you like to say hello to Sarah? Bachelor Number 1. Bachelor 1: Yo,Sarah! Host: Bachelor Number 2. Bachelor 2: Hi, Sarah. Host: And Bachelor Number 3. Bachelor 3: Hello, Sarah!


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Unit 1
Bachelor 2: Well, let’s see. I . . . I think I’m a pretty good friend, and people trust me. Uh, negative . . . I’m very direct, and that sometimes upsets people. Sarah: Oh, no, that’s good, Number 2. Uh, Number 3, tell mesomething good about yourself and something not so good. Bachelor 3: Actually, I’m pretty good at most things I do. And something not so good. . . . I can’t think of anything. Sarah: OK. Uh, Bachelor Number 1, tell me something positive and something negative about yourself. Bachelor 1: Well, I guess I’m pretty easygoing. That’s something good about me. Something bad. Well, I guess I’m not very...
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