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1. If one teacher-student has a doubt as regards the content of a subject, what means should he/she use in order to contact his/her tutor and solve theproblem?
To formulate questions about the subject content, the students must exclusively use the correspondent "Questions & answers" forum.2. Where do the debates of each subject occur

the Student Discussions Forum is also conceived to celebrate subject debates.

3. How do the tutorsget in contact with all the students?
4. What information can you find on the News Forum?
5. If one student wishes to contact one mate from his/herown country o desires to send a non-academic message, where can he/she do it?
6. What recommendations/suggestions should the students have in mind asregards the layout of the forums?
7. To participate in a debate, is it appropriate to click on "Compose Discussion Message" every time that a studentwants to put forward an idea, opinion, etc.?

Question 3
The Student Discussions Forum
Question 4
The News Forum is a tool that the administratorand coordinator of the program use to send messages of general interest for all the students. This is an section where there that includes the principalnews about the program. The students must consult from time to time this forum, but they cannot send messages here.
Question 5
The Coffee Shop Forum.Question 6

Question 7
The correct way of proceeding is click the button Answer of the consulted message. Hereby, we respect the initiated chain.
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