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England Football Stadiums

England has a great sporting tradition and during the XX century they were the crib of many sports. The English football league is one of the most importants ofthe world, with many teams and greats and moderns stadiums. In England is very popular the football, being possible to develop projects with a lot of money and creation of stages of lastgeneration, being born here where football.
Stamford Bridge
The Stamford is located in London, is the house of Chelsea Football Club, and It has also been used for other sports, the stadium hasbeen remodeled numerous times. The capacity stadium is 42.000 aprox.
Wembley Stadium
The Wembley Stadium is located in London. The old Wembley Stadium was the most famous of all Englandand one of the most popular worldwide. The England football team plays his matches here. The capacity stadium is 90.000 aprox.
Emirates Stadium
The Arsenal Football Club plays his matcheshere, this name comes from a contract of the team with Emirates Airlines, an airline, and it has recently opened in the summer of 2006. The capacity stadium is 60.000 aprox.
It islocated in the Liverpool city and is the house of Liverpool Football Club. It plans to open in 2011 a new stadium, which would replace Anfield and over 25,000 more spectators. The capacitystadium is 46.000 aprox.

Old Trafford
It knows as “Dreams Theather”, is located in Manchester city. Here Manchester United Football Club plays his matches, the most important club in Englandand one of the most important of europe. This stadium has been the site of great sporting moments. The capacity stadium is 77.000 aprox.
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All these stadiums cost millions of dollars, being the most expensive Wembley stadium, costs about $ 1,500 million dollars, 693.000.000.000 million chilean pesos.
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