Una rosa para emily

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My interpretation of the story “A Rose for Emily”, is that of a women from the old south or reference to other people from the old south that are trying to hold their dignity of the southern gothicheritage. It seems that Miss Emily had been raised with the mindset of Confederate rule and slavery and when her father died she become insane or at least lost her sense of being. It appears that shelocked a room in her house after her one love had left her and in this room lye the dead body of her father on the bed. She probably entered the room only to lye next to him and have conversationsabout her day.

I think that the old black man that lived with her was because he could not adjust being free and he wanted to maintain loyalty to a white master, in this case Miss Emily. The smellthat was in the house was due to that the black man probably had worked in the field as a slave and did not know how to clean house well. Surely a southern dignified women like Miss Emily was not goingto stoop to doing slave work. It appears that the man that she loved had left her heart so heart broken that she could never love again. This explains why she only had one other male that she had everentertained, after her love, he was a gay man that chased young men in the town.

The fact that Miss Emily could not sense time was probably due to the fact that she believed time was not movingforward and she could not mentally see that physical changes around her were happening. In her lost appetite for desire she just sit around and grew fat with no youth left, just bones.

I think thather father’s body was rotting away and she bought rat poison to make sure that the rats would stay away from him.

Colonel Sartoris was the only person left that knew Miss Emily and her father andcould relate to her situation. He provided work for her to ensure that she had some human contact and later convinced the city council to waive taxes, but when he died he left her with a white lie...
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