Unheard Love

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Unheard Love
-Leof: Prince of Wokinham, son of Edred. (Be loved)
-Acwel: Warrior, Leof’s pal. (Kills)
-Darleen: Leof’s love, daughter of May (Tenderly loved)
-Edred: King of Wokinham. (King’s name)
-Alodie: Queen of Wokinham, Leof’s mother. (Rich)
-May: Palace parlormaid, mother of Darlene. (King’s woman)
There was once a prince that had fall in love with amaid’s daughter. A love which was impossible to accept in the 5th century because culture didn’t permit it. King’s dead brought with it all the misfortune to Wokingham.

She was beautiful. To my eyes she was the prettiest thing on Wokinham. That primrose was the first time I saw her. White as the snow, fire in her hair, splendor green eyes, delight appearance, a glistening smile and a figurethat only God could describe. Lost in her eyes, there I was. Her perfection was beyond any human. Outlaw for the man, son of the king. I can’t describe how she made me feel; as if I was in heaven and later I was not. Risky decision I made. It was the only decision I wouldn’t regret. To get her love was the first thing on my mind, linage was trivial for me. Nothing was going to halt my fancy love forthat undescriptible parlormaid, even though you can’t called her like that, gal’s daughter was her fate. Chore of dirtless.
Blossom everywhere, youthful spirit and the
luminescence from sun on us. The perfect beauty she was. Nothing could douse her scintillation of sublimity.
My fellow was with me that day. He had been with me since we were infants. I knew him better than anyone. Wealways went to the tavern. Always surrounded by maidens. Everything that mattered in my life was my pal, Acwel and me, prince Leof, son of Edred. That was my life before I meet her.

It all began that primrose, I was on my way to my usual residence, my father had an announcement. I was concern about the royal convocation to my entire village, my Wokinham. I had heard about bane that had blown in tomany near villages. As rapidly as I got to the dwelling, the atrocious news arrived. Edred was no more alive. Hopeless was all the care that dear May, had employed uselessly on him. Never meat a maid that endeavor so much on her job, as it was taking care of my sick king.
Wokinham was devastated. Queen Alodie a truth got knowledge, devastated was her heart. Never thought her king could fail her.She just let her soul lead with hatred, revenge, to take vengeance was her preeminence. My entire borough was mourning. No one had strength to understand that the most decent, amiable, lovable king had died. Had died because of his destiny, once an unimpeachable warrior, now an unforgettable king.
I couldn’t believe that fate had changed. Not the right time for gaining authority. But it wastime for the son of Edred to reign. Lost I was, dark in my mind, cloudy was my course, didn’t knew where to go, or what to do, only guide by my own destiny.
Always by my side, never left my unconditioned pal. Didn’t know who I was, didn’t know where to go, never thought I could be that lost. Submerged in a fantasy which the only gate to go was my comrade.
There we were, on my habitual setting,the tavern, where my soul felt free, released of the dead chains, It appear like a dream, not to be true, like if I was in heaven and later I was not. It wasn’t the first time I tangled in her pulchritude, lost in her eyes, there I was again. My body felt a stirring as soon as she walk, as soon she loom up by my side, my mind neglect the frightful affair. Felt as she cast a spell on me at thetime I heard her voice, sadly voice I heard, as if a piece of her soul got lost. My entire body was vibrating as her melodious voice began to sing. Narrating in her song, an impossible love, a prince and a lowly maid fallin’ in love.
Since then, enchantment the new king began to be zest. Some conjury has empowered my entire soul, the soul of a king, the heritor of Wokinham. Never forgot that...
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