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TRICK OR TREAT FOR UNICEF is a programthat helps needed children around the world, there are a few people that organized this program and this time was our opportunity to give some of our love, time and kindness. We think that this is such an important project, to help people that don’t have resources, possibilities and our life style; so that’s why the Teacher told us that we had to work with this.
The program started sixty yearsago, Mary Emma Allison and her three children came upon a parade in downtown Philadelphia that included children in dress from nations all around the world.
Mary Emma knew children already collected treats on Halloween, but she and her family determined to turn that collection into something bigger, something that could help the kids all over the world.
Since this idea came out many peoplehave helped to improve the program and the children’s life.
In UNICEF, Mary Emma recognized an organization that could get those children the help they needed. She and her family spread the word to encourage fundraising for UNICEF on Halloween, collecting candy and coins while learning about the plight of vulnerable children around the world.
The money collected could be used by UNICEF forpowdered milk and so much more food, medicine, education and anything young people needs to thrive.
Today, after 60 years, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has raised nearly $160 million dollars for UNICEF's lifesaving programs around the world. To help this program have done around five activities to gather money to help this kids.
Now, the turn to help is ours, sharing some charity and much kindness tothis little children. The teacher suggest that we prepare 5 activities using our imagination and creativity.

* The first activity we did to earn money for this cause was a snack sell, and we sold:
* Caramel apples: Prepared with some chili by each one of us.
* Chocolate donuts: Big donuts covered with chocolate that we got from a bakery
* Spicy apples: Prepared by us with“Pulparindo” chili and covered with “Miguelito”
* Chips: Covered with cheese, spicy sauce, chamoy and Miguelito
* Corn Dogs: Covered with mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.
* Prepared Carrots: Covered with chamoy, spicy sauce and Miguelito.
We have sold all these products for the UNICEF to help this program, and they will use the money to help those little kids needing for love and food. We arepleased to help this organization because is so important to give for our brothers and sisters from other countries that need us. We love the children of the world and we will always love them because they are the future of the world and the next generation.
* In the second activity Karina proposed that we all be collecting money in the bicentenary park, and we had to explain to people whichis the cause for this project so they can give us some donations to help the UNICEF
* The third activity was selling many kisses at the school, we asked some boys if they wanted to contribute with us and also explained them about what the program is and what we needed to do to help UNICEF’s children.
* The forth activity was selling fresh water in a sunny day to all the students in thecampus
* The fifth activity was to ask for donation to some companies.
After doing all this hard work we felt so happy for helping this kids in giving them education, food, health and a normal life as much as we can. We had a lot of fun doing this activities and more knowing that we are doing this for a good reason. We think it’s essential that this program be more promoted to have more...
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