Useful links for english classes

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Useful Links for English Classes.
Discovery Education

Students finish a task at their own rhythm, a good way I have found for avoid indiscipline problems is keep my students busy waiting the rest of the classmates finish the activity that fast workers done. Word search is an excellent tool because kids love to. Discovery education web page has a terrific tool for make puzzles like: wordsearch, criss-cross, double puzzles, fallen phrases, etc. At this time I choose word search for my classes and it has worked.
This is word search I have done in the past two days for my elementary school classes using puzzlemaker from the web page below.
| |
|K L D W T S F L T K S H M Q O |
|I K R AD E A N M K L K O U O |
|S Z I R E U U A Z M H A A L B |
|S C N D G O G N I S C C T T D |
|L C K H C D B W O C C F Z D E |
|J O U M J W S J L K D N I Y F |
|M E A S U R E P Q E T I R W V|
|M S P A S T E B L B P D E H F |
|O K L O R N L Z I L C A I E S |
|R Z Q E G I E F A B B N Y B A |
|R J W O E A B Y X R E C D R E |
|O O J D N P P N Y I J E C C C |
|N H L M A K E U T G E V Y V C|
|N N C O L H B G U H E K E Y E |
|T A E O C I U Y C R B R L B N |
| |
|p |

It is easy to use. In a future I will try the other puzzle options .
Also at Discovery Education web page there is a free clip art gallery for specific topics like: science, math, rewards etc.

Child’s play!
I found this suggested page at Dave’s ESL café for kids There are different games andactivities for students learning English as a Second and as a Foreing Language (ESL o EFL). I fished a game named Pass the hat! It is a short and fun activity I will apply it for my class. Also there’s another activity named back to the board, so one student stands back to the board previously teacher draw an object, wrote a word or verb so the class try to explain the student what is on the board.

BBC British Council Teaching English

The web has much information for students and teachers. What I found great is the downloadable listening material which can be saved by free like tongue twisters this can be a challenge for students to listen, read and say the tongue twister so they canappreciate the British accent. Also there is a section about Teaching Updates where different teachers publish comments and discuss about topics related of their labor I like “Questions of Teaching English”, “Using the board” and “Teachers problems”.

Teaching English
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