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Vocabulary Faces
1 eye

Look at me!

GRAMMAR have got


1.18 Listen and repeat. 2 nose

Adjective before noun When we describe people or things, we put the adjective before the noun. Anna has got blue eyes.


Read the Language help box. Then look at the pictures and complete the sentences. Use the adjectives in the box. dark fair long shortshort Duncan has got short, red hair. 1 Ben and Cathy have got ____ hair. 2 Anna has got long, ____ hair. 3 Duncan and Ben have got ____ hair.

3 mouth

4 ear


4 Cathy has got ____ , dark hair.

5 teeth 6 glasses g

Are these sentences true or false for you? 1 2 3 4 5 I’ve got short hair. My teacher has got glasses. I’ve got freckles on my nose. My teacher has got brown eyes.I’ve got dark hair.


7 hair

8 freckles


Label the parts of the body. You can use a dictionary to help you. Then write the names of three more parts of the body.







Unit 1: Vocabulary

Workbook: More practice p9, Revision pp84–85

1.19 Read the text. Who’s got blue eyes?
Hi! My name’s Adela. I’ve gotphotos of my friends on my homepage. Take a look!


My friends!

This is Rina. She’s my best friend. Rina has got long, dark hair and big, blue eyes. Her favourite colour is orange.

This is my friend Fiona. She’s got long, red hair and freckles. She’s got big, green eyes. Green is Fiona’s favourite colour.

My friend Jason has got short, dark hair and brown eyes. Hisfavourite sport is football. Rina thinks he’s cute! ;-)

My friend Danny has got short, fair hair and blue eyes. In this photo, Danny is with his little sister, Tanya. She’s got long, fair hair and blue eyes.


Write the names. She’s got long, dark hair. Rina 1 2 3 4 5 He’s got short, fair hair. They’ve got dark hair. She’s got green eyes. He’s got brown eyes. They’ve got blue eyes.

3Recycle Look at the photos. Then complete the sentences with the colours (see page 4).
blue green orange red white

Adela’s got a blue T-shirt. 1 Rina’s got an ____ bag. 2 Fiona’s got a ____ hat. 3 Jason’s got a ____ book. 4 Danny’s got a ____ cap. 11

More practice: Workbook page 00

Extension: Workbook: More practice p13 Workbook page 00 Website

unit Unit 1: Reading

Grammar have got
1Study the table. Affirmative I’ve got you’ve got he’s got she’s got it’s got we’ve got you’ve got they’ve got Full forms I’ve got = I have got he’s got = he has got Negative I haven’t got you haven’t got he hasn’t got she hasn’t got it hasn’t got we haven’t got you haven’t got they haven’t got Full forms I haven’t got = I have not got he hasn’t got = he has not got Interrogative Have I got …?Have you got …? Has he got …? Has she got …? Has it got …? Have we got …? Have you got …? Have they got …? Short answers Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. Yes, he has. / No, he hasn’t.


Choose the correct options.

The cat have / has got green eyes. 1 2 3 4 5 6 I have / has got a new pencil case. You have / has got a blue T-shirt. Andrea have / has got an MP3 player. Mark and Lisa have / has gotfair hair. We have / has got a big classroom. Sam and I have / has got green eyes.
Sam Maria


Look at the picture and complete the sentences. Use the affirmative or negative of have got. 1 Maria ____ a red T-shirt. She ____ a blue T-shirt. 2 Sam ____ a basketball. He ____ a football. 3 Maria ____ a CD player. She ____ an MP3 player. 4 Sam and Maria ____ a dog. They ____ a cat.

3Make the sentences negative. Frank has got long, dark hair. Frank hasn’t got long, dark hair. 1 2 3 4 5 6 You have got green eyes. Yolanda has got small glasses. We have got a purple textbook. This book has got 200 pages. I have got blue hair. Marcus has got freckles.


Write questions. Use have got. Then write short answers. Sam and Maria / fair hair? Have Sam and Maria got fair hair? No,...
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