Violence in mexico

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The violence in Mexico grows each day, in only 3 periods the prense of Mexico in the international diaries has changed from economic topic to safety ones.
The most heard and read are raplations,raping or extortion calls wich make people be afraid.
There are same problems that cause a big violence, among them are economic situation wich organize thousands of unemployed wich somehow dedicatethemselves to participate un these kinds of organized delicuency, this affects them and also us as a society because they can be murder, also this affects our economy and so we take the risk of gettingmurder too.
Personally I believe this planned because government receives money for fassing laws that won´t be besides, this is getting out of control because there are some corrupted authorities and,some other ones who aren´t the want to make Mexico a good country to live; Mexico can be a safery country if we as Mexicans fight until solving this out.
There´s another factor that causes violence:corruption and this is not happening only in Mexico, this is a problem that every person around the world has to deal with. The 11% percent of people in Mexico are poor, so they can´t supportthemselves and their families consequently it´s easier for them to steal or threaten for exchange money.
As I just said this is something we have to live with because if we protest it may happen somethingbad to us.
Wrong education that is used: I mean in school and home, many parents don´t care what their kids are going to do in the future or they don´t pay enough attention to them because the work tosupport the family, that´s why the majority of delinquents are adolescents.
Many times in schools (most in government school) need programs to guide students to choose a good way, such programs asreading or conferences to inspire them to be successful people, forgetting intellectual enrichment, but I believe influences has nothing to do because when someone has a desire to be better do...
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